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The Crystals


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Lost in a world with human-like beings called ‘Cant’ who can use ‘aura’ to manipulate physics and reality, Zohaifa, who was aimless for most of his life has found a new goal: To see how far he can develop his skills and abilities, how far he can explore this world, and how much justice can he establish. But as he explored more and more in this world, his philosophy got challenged, and he became doubtful of what justice really is. What change will be brought in Zohaifa as he continues to explore in this world? – is a question worth asking. But given who Zohaifa is, the more interesting question would be - How will Cant World change if it faces a unique personality like Zohaifa? Join us (we have tons of fun): https://discord.gg/Fdem5jg PS: This book has been moved to Ringdom by the name "Crystal: The Tyranny of Demolus" https://www.ringdomstory.com/novel/QgopEOkCfPg1oAyMsO8vpg%3D%3D-Crystal:-The-Tyranny-of-Demolus.html


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