1 Chapter 1

Once there was a family, the wife was a warrior queen named Erza. If you meet her and she doesn't approve you would die faster then you could say hello. She was feared through-out the whole universe. The husband was a meek guy. he was short and slow many people bullied him well they did until he started hanging out with Erza his only good trait was his charming looks and smarts. he was the smartest guy in the universe and could solve any problem that faced him. Lastly they had a beautiful daughter she had everything looks, smarts, she was responsible, she was kind and she couldn't lie no matter how hard she tried. Her name was Bell. All the boys loved her well all except one his name was Cameren he despised her and only because he truly liked her unlike any of those other guys especially Brad. Brad only wanted to use Bell to get ahead in life dating her would make him the talk of the our story is about these people and how they came together to stop the king