The royal tailor came to Princess Elennora's Palace to send the dress that the Princess would wear tomorrow. The ceremony to be held tomorrow was very important, and as such, Queen Richenza had ordered the tailor to make a new dress for the princess.

Made from highly expensive materials such as silks for trimming and golden threads for lacework, the color was a combination of gold and navy blue, with detailed embroidery and also some gems on the gold-colored part of the dress.

"You will look very beautiful in this dress, Your Highness," the royal tailor spoke excitedly when she saw how Princess Elennora was holding onto the dress that took two months to complete.

She expected that the pink-haired Princess would be excited too, but the Princess's expression remained flat as her brown eyes scanned the dress in her hands.

"You may leave," replied Princess Elennora coldly as she placed the dress on the empty sofa next to her.

The royal tailor widened her eyes when she saw how the Princess put down the precious dress without the slightest care. She had worked day and night on the dress in the last two months, but the Princess didn't seem to care about it at all.

"My apologies, Your Highness," the royal tailor spoke again although she looked sad when she saw how the Princess treated the dress. "I think you should try on the dress so we can see if you're comfortable with it or not. The ceremony will be held tomorrow, so if you're not comfortable with it, I can try to fix it today."

Everyone was talking about the ceremony, and Princess Elennora was tired of it. People in every corner of the palace chose that as the topic of their gossip. With their excited faces, they continued to talk about how they would finally have their first Crown Princess.

It was she who would receive the title of Crown Princess, but she was not excited at all. Instead, she hoped that tomorrow would never come.

"You have been the royal tailor for many years, and I know you always did a good job. I have faith in your craftsmanship, so you may leave now," Princess Elennora spoke to the tailor in the same unfriendly tone.

The tailor wasn't sure if it was a compliment or the Princess's way of kicking her out of the room, but she decided not to offend the Princess by disobeying the Princess's orders twice.

Even if Princess Elennora wasn't someone who liked to treat her people badly, she would become the next ruler of Grinia, and as such, her people respected her as much as they respected King Gerold.

Obeying the Princess's orders, the royal tailor immediately came out of the room, leaving Princess Ievna with only her maid.

"The royal tailor almost cried because of you, Your Highness," said the maid as she took the dress from the sofa and studied it. "She made such a beautiful dress, but you treated this dress the same way I treated the cloth I used to clean porcelain. I wonder if she'll start crying when she leaves this room."

Her name was Bianca, and she wasn't an ordinary palace maid in Grinia. She was one of the senior servants in the palace, and she had a close relationship with the royal family.

That was the reason why she dared to rebuke the princess who seemed to be in a bad mood right now.

"I never asked her to make a dress like that for me," answered Princess Elennora without looking at the maid standing beside her. "The Queen wants to dress me like a doll, but I don't like the dress. I also don't want to wear a dress."

Bianca was not only the maid who was closest to the Princess, but she was also the caretaker of the Princess when she was little. Because of that, she knew very well about the character of the Princess.

With a sigh of pity, she then approached the Princess and stroked the top of the Princess's head. "You will become the Crown Princess of this kingdom tomorrow, Your Highness. The people of Grinia have waited many years to officially have a Crown Princess, so I hope you can feel the same happiness in your heart, Your Highness."

A few days ago, Princess Elennora also felt a hand on her head when King Gerold caressed her head like this. But, for some reason, she felt that the maid's hand was warmer than the King's.

Maybe she felt that way because the King didn't give a satisfactory answer back then.

["What a ridiculous question, Elen," replied the King with a slight chuckle. "You are my first daughter, so naturally, the title of Crown Princess is indeed for you."

It had been a long time since Princess Elennora had heard how the King had called her by that nickname. The King and Queen used to call her that when she was a child, but when she grew up, the two people rarely used that nickname anymore.

They said that a Royal Princess needed to use her official name and not her nickname. Such thoughts managed to increase the distance between her and her parents.

"Am I really your daughter, Your Majesty?" Princess Elennora didn't give up even after her father gave her reassurance.

King Gerold looked surprised at the question, but before he could answer the question, someone suddenly knocked on the door. Saying that he would go back to her later, the King turned around and left the Princess in a hurry.

Princess Elennora knew that her father was busy, and she also knew that her father wouldn't return to her just to answer the question.]

"So, people will be happy if I become the Crown Princess of Grinia?" The Princess finally replied to the maid. "I've often heard about how people in Grinia wait for the Crown Princess, but I never know the reason behind it. Why are they waiting so much for a Crown Princess, Bianca?"

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