Bianca. Her black hair was still completely black, but a slight frown appeared on her forehead as she let the Princess leave the room.

She didn't know whether she should answer the Princess's question or not, so in the end, she just kept quiet while staring at the Princess grimly.

In the end, Princess Elennora made a decision.

["It's fine if you don't want to answer my question, Bianca. I'll ask His Majesty directly to find the answer. Tomorrow is the day of the ceremony, and I want him to reveal all the secrets related to me before I can receive the Crown Princess title."]

Bianca was surprised by the Princess who suddenly mentioned the word 'secrets.' Eighteen years had passed, and even if the last eighteen years were storm-free, it didn't mean the storms would stay away from Grinia forever.

"Perhaps a storm will come into Princess Elennora's life after this," she whispered as she squeezed the front of her dress anxiously.

Meanwhile, after leaving her palace, Princess Elennora strode toward the King's Palace. It was quite a distance from her palace, and as such, the pink-haired Princess had to walk quickly so that her question could be answered immediately.

There were so many people in the palace today. King Gerold invited all the nobles living in Grinia to the ceremony tomorrow, and not only that, but he also invited the Kings from other kingdoms.

The Kings who had come from other kingdoms had already traveled a long way to reach Grinia, and that was why King Gerold had prepared several buildings in the palace to be their residences.

Since this morning, the Kings of other kingdoms had arrived at the palace. The Grinia's servants had prepared rooms for them to stay in, and the servants would escort them to the rooms.

Princess Elennora knew several kingdoms, but she did not know much about them. Her father asked her to learn more about the kingdoms, but she did not have enough interest to do so to this day.

She had left her palace for a while, and she had almost reached the King's palace. However, just as she was about to make a turn when she arrived at one of the buildings, she bumped into someone.

The person who bumped into her seemed to be in a hurry, and it seemed that the person was running before finally slamming into the Princess. It caused a loud crash between the two, and the two of them even fell to the ground.

Princess Elennora grumbled at the pain in her back, but when she glared at the culprit who caused her to experience such pain, she couldn't even see the person's face because the person's head was covered by a pile of clothes.

Sitting on the ground, the person looked helpless. However, in the Princess' eyes, that person looked stupid for being buried by the pile of clothes.

Rising from her sitting position, Princess Elennora glared at the person again. "Don't you know that running around in the palace is forbidden?"

Princess Elennora still couldn't see the person's face, but she immediately lectured the person.

She had lived in the palace for eighteen years, and she knew every rule in the palace, including the one against running around.

The stranger finally managed to get rid of the pile of clothes on his head, and Princess Elennora was finally able to see the person's face.

It was a young man, his hair was brown, and his eyes were golden. He didn't look bad, and maybe some people would even call him handsome if they saw his face. But, Princess Elennora had no interest in him at all.

'Wearing clothes made of cheap cotton, and he even brought a pile of clothes. I think I know who he is,' thought the Princess as she continued to stare at the brown-haired man.

However, the man seemed to have lost himself as he foolishly stared at the Princess without blinking his eyes that resembled gold. Even his mouth was gaping as his eyes sparkled just like a pair of gold coins reflected the sunlight.

"Hey, can you hear me? Your head was only buried by the clothes, not hit by the boulder. I'm sure you didn't have a concussion," Princess Elennora spoke again after getting no response from the man.

The man finally blinked, and he suddenly got up from the floor and patted his pants to remove the dust from the fabric.

After the pants were dust-free once again, he brought his golden eyes to meet those brown eyes. "My apologies," he apologized, and his soft voice made the Princess flinch slightly. "I'm not from this kingdom, so I don't know the rules in this palace."

Princess Elennora had expected such an answer. Grinia Palace was quite strict with its rules, and no one dared to break the rules. If one dared to break the rules, then that person would not be from Grinia.

The man had apologized and explained the situation as well, but the Princess remained silent and just stared at him with her cold eyes.

"This is such a bad first impression," the man muttered bitterly to himself before smiling at the Princess. "Maybe I should introduce myself so it's not so bad again. I'm from the kingdom of Wrelloven, and I—"

"I know. You're a servant from Wrelloven, right?"

The man couldn't even finish his introduction because the Princess suddenly cut him off, causing his mouth to gape awkwardly.

"You ran into the palace because you were in a hurry to bring the clothes to your master, right? I see, now you may go," again, Princess Elennora spoke when the man didn't even say a word.

The brown-haired man finally closed his gaping mouth and was about to say something, but the Princess frowned and said, "It's fine if you want to stay here. I'll go first."

Before the man could even say anything, Princess Elennora immediately lifted her dress before starting to walk to the King's Palace.

The man could only stare at the Princess who was walking away from him, but then a small smile formed on his face. "So, she will be the first Crown Princess of Grinia? She is very interesting."

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