The Crown Prince's Possessive Love Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Crown Prince's Possessive Love


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"I...i.. don't want to.…marry you" she said nervously looking at the men sitting on his desk staring at her. She gulped and was ready to sprint away any moment. The men's face darkened, hearing her he stood up from his chair and took a few steps in her direction. "Why?" His voice was calm but she was no new to not notice his rage filled eyes glaring down at her. She gulped as she stepped back looking at him. "B..brother....please.." she tried to convince him. He moved towards her as she stepped back at the same time. "Give me a reason cariño" he smiled, a smile that scared her more. He was raged she was sure of it. She only wanted to run away from him and hide in her room, under the blanket where she felt safe. She immediately grabbed the door handle and opened the door just as she was about to step out of the door. A pair of hands grabbed her and the next second she was pinned to the now closed and locked door with her hands held behind her. He stared in her scared lilac coloured eyes which were now glistening with tears. "Why?" He asked softly. He lowered his head and his nose grazed her neck causing her to turn her face on the other side away from him. "Hmm?" "I...i.. love someon..." she stuttered. "Aghhh" He bit her harshly. "You a..are..my..brother i can't marry you." She finished difficultly. And her lips were taken in a brutal kiss. She tried to resist and free herself but he kissed her more harshly. "I'm. Not. Your. Brother." He gritted out as he flushed her tiny frame against his broad one.


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