492 What goes around... - Part 2

"What do you want to know about her?" she asked him.

"Everything. From the day she entered the castle until the day she was thrown out of the castle by the royal family members," said Vladimir, he increased the pressure on her neck, letting her take a peek at his strength. 

Rosamund felt him move his hand away from her neck, and she felt the tension in her body slowly starting to subside.

Vladimir didn't go to the couch to sit, and instead, he went to the window, his eyes looking through the intricate gaps of the curtain. He knew what happened to his daughter. How Constance had left Belmount and ended up in the Hawthrone castle, of how she was thrown out and misused by many men and how she died. But he wanted to know more about her life when she still lived in the castle. 


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