316 Solace- Part 1

Madeline stood behind the wooden divider, wearing her wedding gown in the King's private parlour room to check the gown's fittings. With less than eleven days left for the wedding, they had to make sure everything about her wedding gown should be completed, and if there was any need for alteration, it would be done right away before the gown would find its place in the castle. 

She wore the inner petticoat first, and upon which she had worn the gown. Its sleeves went up to her wrists and the neckline of her dress was turned to a crescent shape. The back of her dress went down until the midway of her back in V shape to be buttoned down. 

"How do you find it, milady?" asked the female assistant who stood in front of her with an expression of awe on her face. 


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