462 Preparation- Part 2

While Calhoun and Vladimir spoke to each other, Madeline stepped closer to the glass casing where the glass vial of antidote floated in the liquid. She was glad that Vladimir had not tried to test Calhoun further, and with the words about wanting to be a Godfather, it only meant that Vladimir wanted to be part of their lives. 

She walked forward to take a closer look at the burning iron rings and the glass vial that was protected, when she heard Vladimir say, "If I were you, I wouldn't touch it." The older vampire stepped closer to the iron rings, and on one snap of his fingers the redness of the iron rings dulled down as if they were cooling down. When he knocked on the glass, she caught sight of electric sparks surrounding the glass as if it was crackling with energy. "I got it built in a way where nobody would ever get to steal it." 


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