137 Not all cages are bad- Part 2

She had a scared look on her face, like she was ready to run away from here. But Calhoun could tell that she was trying not to do it as it wasn't a good idea.

Madeline was beautiful, and she didn't have to run away for him to chase as the girl's very presence entranced Calhoun. He was holding back himself with a very fragile leash which if broke, it would only pounce and ravish the girl. It was possible that Madeline who wasn't familiar with men would resist him, but Calhoun was a skilful lover in bed, and he knew how to make her give in. But at the same time, he didn't want to use that approach. She was more than precious and not something to throw away later but to keep with him forever.ย 

"Let's keep some distance between us," suggested Madeline, her eyes warily looking at him but it would be so unlike Calhoun, if he listened to her.ย 


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