351 Eyes everywhere- Part 2

The sound of the gunshot echoed in the surrounding empty houses where Madeline stood in. Looking down at the demon with her eyes that were slightly wide, she caught sight of the hole that had formed on the back of his head, which was done by Calhoun.

"We need to put him in a coffin," suggested Calhoun and Madeline who was still in shock with the sudden attack that took place. She followed Calhoun, who dragged the demon's body to the forest. 

She looked down at the dead demon. She had never heard about a demon being buried in the coffin. She wondered if it was the same like vampires who died, and was left to rest in the coffin box. Madeline, who was walking behind them, curiously eyed the demon before asking,

"Why did you kill his wife?" 

Calhoun knew this question was going to come up since Holden had mentioned about his wife's death a few minutes ago, "She killed people. So I killed her," was his simple answer. 


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