65 Beating heart- Part 2

Madeline had to remind herself that Calhoun knew nothing about James who was possibly still in the castle, making his way out. James had mentioned about him being the tailor so even if he were to be checked, he would be accounted as a man who was here to serve the King and the other people in the castle.

Answer him! Madeline told herself, but her mind was feeling dizzy with the thought that Theodore had caught her chasing James before his intervention. 

"I was walking in the castle and thought I saw something," she responded to his question. 

Calhoun stared at her, and she could only hope that he wouldn't find out about James coming here, "What did you see?" he asked her. On the King's question, the man in the court who was earlier talking stopped talking for the courtroom to turn quiet. 

She should have known that it would be his next question to be asked, and she wondered what could be the most believable lie. She then answered, "It was a spider."


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