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The Crimsion Tower


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It has been one hundred years since the Crimson Tower arose in the land of Ai'shara and even longer since The Nameless was defeated by the hands of Xendar Blackblade. the monleth stands high and mighty over looking the ruined Kingdom of Vi'dashara, the homeland of Xendar and the last battle against the Nameless. amist the broken homes, cracked temples and fallen staues a basket lays at the steep of the temple of Xendar. on a cold early moning the sun was barly out as Jana a El'tara hesdity walked into Vi'dashara knowing of the tales that were told of the ruined city after finding little food she began to leave but stopped when she heard the crys of two young children. Jana took them back to her home and raised them like her sons both of them bore the crest of Xendar and were destined to destory the Nameless when he revels himself again.

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