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The Criminals


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It is the year 2022, and some important leaders of the world have decided to create artificial islands because the population has started to multiply so fast for some reason and also, people have started to move there to have peaceful lives and no crimes, but some criminals have started to move there to create problems because they need the money and the police their arent as efficient as the ones on America or Europe. And on this series, you will see the story of two characters who will face these criminals and fight against them. Warning: This series is a parody of the real world and do not intend to make fun of the people from other countries, Gen Z, Gold Diggers. Karens, Yakuzas, Mexicans, Americans, Dogs, Cats, Woman, Man, Homosexuals, First Arc: A guy called Alex comes in Ruby City, a place where everything is almost possible, even for a guy like Alex who gave up on studying and came here to work for his cousin, who owns a restaurant called ”Luigi's Pizzeria ”. What he doesn't know about this place, will shock him. He thought this place will be nice and no big rate of violence and criminal activity, but he was so damn wrong on this one. Second Arc: A cannabis farmer comes into the countryside of Ruby City to sell his goods for a few years. But one day, when autumn has come, Ramirez had to sell all his goods for some reason and the only reliable person who can help is Gary Smith, also known as his best friend. Note: This story is also available on RoyalRoad https://www.royalroad.com/profile/167850


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