1 Chapter no.1: The Mysterious Old-Man

Once there was a boy whose name was Osric. He belonged to a middle-class family. When he was on his way home an old man came across him and said the world of the Magical Beings is in danger. You must save it. Osric, who was looking at the man curiously said, Wait, you are saying that a world ruled by some kind of magical beings is in trouble and I need to save it. The old man said, yes it is. Osric, who was thinking he was a kidnapper said, Ok then show me a trick. The old man said some words, and he turned into a young powerful knight. Now you believe me. Osric, who was still in shock, said yes, now please change your clothes. That man said some words and his clothes changed. But how can I save the what was the name again said Osric? It's the Enchanted World. Yes, the Enchanted World said Osric. Look at your palm don't you see any mark said that knight. Yes, there is said Osric. How does it look like?

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