37 Ch. 37

--Tsunade POV--

Kakashi: "That's… A lot to take in."

Jiraiya: "Talk for yourself. At least you didn't die to your students. Fucking Madara corrupting the kids like that."

Shikaku: "..."

All I could do was give them a grim smile. With that, I closed the laptop and sat back on the couch.

Tsunade: "So, I have a plan to deal with Danzo. But we'll need to tweak it, are you all in?"

With that I got three heads staring at me with fire in their eyes, I guess there really is a will of fire. I gave them my idea and we went to work on catching the old elephant, his days will be numbered.

--Couple days later--

Here I am sitting in a booth at the Wandering Inn sipping on a chocolate milkshake, which was quite delicious. Over the last couple of days, I've gotten multiple summons to the elders. With each summons my reply was if they wanted to see me they can come and find me, the Hokage is not beneath them.

By the time I finished my milkshake I spotted Danzo walking in the door. I guess he got tired of waiting and decided to hunt me down, just like I had planned. Watching the man like a hawk he made his way to my table, slowly sliding into the booth across from me. Hiding my distaste for this man was extremely hard to do.

Tsunade: "Danzo, what can I do for you?"

Danzo: "Lady Tsunade, why have you not accepted our summons?"

Tsunade: "Since when does the Hokage answer to the Council of Elders, isn't it the other way around?"

Danzo: "Now Listen here! You ar-urgh-argh-aaaaa"

The plan started as soon as I shot the taser. Catching Danzo mid-sentence with the stun gun, which I had Zach make, I'm pretty sure I got a ball shot on him. Kakashi came in and chopped Danzo's arm off and threw it to Jiraiya who started to seal it. During that time I wasn't idle. I leaped forward and snatched Shishui's eye right from his socket, like in Kill Bill. But the MVP of all this was Shikaku who used his shadow technique to hold the old elephant down.

Tsunade: "Danzo Shimura you are hereby under arrest for the charge of Treason. Jiraiya, take him away, lock him in the cellar of this building."

Jiraiya looked at me like I was crazy, I just chopped off his other hand so he had no way to use any jutsus.

Tsunade: "Trust me, it will hold him."

As Jiraiya dragged the bloodied old man towards the cellar I saw Dionysus and Hephaestus guiding Jiraiya. The two had malicious intent in their eyes and greedily rubbing their hands together, for sure Danzo isn't getting out of this one. With that I turned to Kakashi and Shikaku and gave them another order.

Tsunade: "Kakashi bring Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane, we're going to throw this village on its head. Shikaku, you did great work. I want you to get Inoichi Yamanaka and bring him here, on the double."

After they left on their assignments I turned and saw Shizune standing there waiting.

Tsunade: "Shizune I need you to bring Naruto before the other two arrive."

With that, it was only hurry up and wait. It only took a couple of minutes for Shizune to arrive with Naruto. I ushered them down into the cellar as we came to the room where Danzo was strapped to the table. Naruto's eyes widened at the sight of Danzo on the table and started to get nervous.

Tsunade: "Mito, come out we need your help to remove the seals on him. We're going to have a Yamanaka go through his mind."

Mito appeared next to Naruto, shocking everyone but me and Shizune. Jiraiya was staring at her and impersonating a fish, while the gods were shocked that she was even there. Weird, I would have thought that they had something to do with this. Well, it's a nice surprise for them and surprising a god always brings benefits.

Mito: "Jiraiya you're going to catch flies if you keep your mouth open like that."

Jiraiya complied and closed his mouth. As Mito turned to Danzo I followed her gaze and saw him with a terrified look. Yup, your world is crashing down right now Danzo and you're not going to get a final meal.

Mito: "Jiraiya be a dear and be my hands, I need you to open his mouth and help me look for the seal."

With that Jiraiya forced Danzo's mouth open to where Mito found the seal that would block the mind-probing. 10 minutes later right as Jiraiya was finishing up removing the seal under Mito's directions Kakashi arrived with the two elders in chains, followed by Shikaku and Inoichi.

Inoichi: "Lady Tsunade, Jiraiya what is the meaning of this? Why is Danzo strapped to the table and in that condition and why are the elders in chains?!"

Before he could make a move Shikaku placed his hand on Inoichi's shoulder and shook his head no.

Tsunade: "As Fifth Hokage, I'm charging these three with treason. I want you first to delve into Danzo's mind and then the other two, so that way we can present solid evidence to everyone who asks."

Inoichi just sighed, he couldn't refuse an order from the Hokage. Making his way to a struggling Danzo he placed a hand on his head and started reading his mind. It didn't even take a minute before Inoichi showed a disgusted look on his face. There must be more that he had done that wasn't in the show or manga.

Half-way through Mito and Jiraiya had removed the other two elder's seals. I had Shizune take Naruto back to the compound, he does not need to know about the outcome of this. Inoichi was visibly getting pissed by what he was learning but soldiering through it. By the time he was done reading Danzo's mind he cocked back his fist and gave a strong right hook across Danzo's jaw dislocating it. I just gave him a little golf clap.

Tsunade: "Inoichi, we have to do the other two next."

He just sighed and proceeded to rifle through their memories. Apparently, they weren't as bad as Danzo, but that's not saying much. Inoichi's face was still grim at what he was learning and that didn't please me at all. By the time he was finished everyone was in a somber mood just by watching his emotional rollercoaster.

Inoichi: "They are all sick and twisted, thinking they did all of that shit just for the village. Traitors are what they all are, especially against the Uchiha clan. They had thoughts of doing the same to the Hyuga clan if they became a problem like the Uchiha. Lady Tsunade, I would like to talk to you alone."

With that my stomach started to churn, that's not a good sign everyone here is trustworthy.

Tsunade: "Whatever it is you can share it with everyone here."

Inoichi shifted awkwardly at what he was about to say. He then steeled himself and It made my world almost fall apart.

Inoichi: "Danzo and the Council were behind the fall of the Senju clan. They had direct involvement with Nawaki's death, along with Orochimaru. Nawaki had awakened the mutated bloodline that the 1st had, and it scared Danzo because he would become a strong contender as Hokage. He offered the corps to Orochimaru to study if he helped kill Nawaki."

Tears fell from my eyes uncontrollably and my world went black, I could feel strong comfortable hands wrap around me and hold me before my mind shut off.

--Zach POV--

Opening my eyes after what felt like a century of reading was interesting, it had only been a couple of days in real-time and I don't think I can ever get used to it. Stretching, I let my senses go to see who was around the compound and only saw Naruto, so I headed to see the young man and see how he's adjusting.

Arriving at his room I knocked and walked in seeing him talking to… a ghost? They both turned to me, Naruto gave me a sheepish smile and the ghost gave me a radiant one, she looked familiar.

Ghost: "Grandson-in-law! I do have to thank you."

Oh shit, is that Mito Uzumaki?!

Mito Uzumaki?: "You are surprisingly easy to read, yes I am Mito Uzumaki. Thanks to your Divine Essence, that Tsunade told me about, and Naruto's Kyuubi chakra I was able to become corporeal."

Huh, that kind of makes sense since she was the Jinchuriki of Kurama before Kushina. With the acceptance of the circumstance, I just bowed in greetings.

Zach: "Have you seen my wife by any chance? I haven't seen her in a bit."

Mito tsked at me.

Mito: "She's in the cellar of the Wandering Inn, she has captured Danzo and the elder council. My lord the Third Hokage was an idiot for giving everyone all these powers in the village."

Nodding my head I shot off towards the Wandering inn, I didn't like having my pregnant wife anywhere near Danzo. Even if she is with trustable people, the man is even more of a snake than Orochimaru.

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Arriving at the inn I made my way straight down to the cellar and came in when Inoichi was telling Tsunade about the destruction of her clan. My stomach dropped because I didn't know anything about it, I could only imagine what she was thinking. Looking at my wife I saw her pale and started to faint, getting to her as fast as I could. I caught her before she even made it half-way to the ground. Looking at the two gods with hatred in my eyes.

Zach: "Make them suffer, keep them alive to face judgment. We will send a message, The Age of Corruption is over and The Age of Rebirth is about to begin."

After making my statement I lifted Tsunade into a princess carry and made my way to the door. But before I could leave, Shikaku and Inoichi blocked my path with kunai drawn.

Shikaku: "You're not leaving here wit-"

Before Shikaku could finish his sentence Jiraiya popped both of them in the back of the head. They turned and saw Jiraiya giving them a grimace for what they just did.

Zach: "I'm taking my wife back to the house if either of you has a problem with that. I. DO. NOT. CARE."

With that, I left the two with a dumbfounded look on their faces. After making my way back to the house with no further obstruction, I laid Tsunade in our bed and crawled in it with her. Holding my wife tightly to me I just laid there and waited for her to come back to reality, I'll always wait for her.

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