1 Issue #1

(The Image was created by Sabrerine911 on Tumblr and DeviantArt. Check his art out, the guy is extremely talented.)

It was a bright and sunny day in New York City. More specifically in lower Manhattan where the JPMorgan bank was located. It was just a normal day at the bank with people walking in and out of the building. But today was different, today the bank just received 2,000,000 dollars as it was moved from another bank. The bank owners thought it might have been a bad idea to move all that money with the crime rate the way it is. But there seemed to be nothing suspicious going on, so the bank owners decided to just lean back and relax, and not worry about the situation.

As the bank was running as usual, five heavily armored black vans drove up as everyone on the street stopped and looked or even glanced at the suspicious looking vehicles as they stopped in front of the bank and stayed parked there. Several policemen were standing outside of the bank as they looked over at the vans with the painted windows. The four cops around the bank gestured people to stand back as they walked forward as they pulled their pistols out. Aiming them at the vans as they walked closer.

"Hello? Whoever the driver is, step out of the vehicles!" Commanded the lead cop. But nothing happened as the cops slowly inched closer.

"Sir! Step out of the vehicles now!" Yelled the same cop as the cop on his left put his gun away and pulled out his nightstick as the cops inched closer.

"Get out of the vehicles or WE WILL BASH THOSE BLACKENED WINDOWS OUT!" Yelled the cop with the nightstick. As the cops inched closer, they stopped as the windows started to inch down. The police stopped as the van they were inching closer to left window rolled down a quarter of an inch, as the only thing that could be seen in the van was blackness.

But as the lead cop was about to speak, the barrel to a shotgun poked out of the crack and shot the lead cop.


Right after that first shot, the crowd that started to gather retreated and started to run away as the windows from the rest of the vans started to roll down their windows and started to shoot at the rest of the cops with a hail of bullets.

(Bam! Bang! Tatta! Ratta! Bam! Bang! Tatta! Ratta! Bam! Bang! Tatta! Ratta! Bam! Bang! Tatta! Ratta!)

As all the cops dropped down dead, the people in the cars stopped firing as smoke seeped out of their barrels. Another moment passed before a much larger truck painted black pulled in as it started to position itself to aim directly in front of the bank.

Inside the bank, the bank tellers, the security guards, and the innocent people inside the bank were all on the ground after their windows were blown out by the gunfire. Several of them started to peek out only to see a huge truck shining it's headlights into the bank. One bank teller looked on in total shock.

"Is that- IS THAT A TRUCK!?" Yelled the bank teller, but before anyone could do anything else the truck drove straight at the bank at full power as it rammed through the front of the bank.


Glass, metal, and dust was everywhere as everyone in the bank were coughing or groaning in pain as some of them were unlucky enough to come in contact with the truck as it rammed through the front.

After that, the cop sirens could already be heard in the distance as the doors to the vans opened up as thugs in heavy body armor carrying military grade weapons and wearing different types of bulky masks. Many of them were cartoon demon masks, pig masks, nun masks, and white blank masks.

"Alright! Go! Go! Go!" Yelled one of the thugs as all of them managed to make their way into the bank.

As they made their way in, several security guards stood up as they pulled out their guns to try and stop the robbers.

"Hey! Stop or I'll-"


The cop wasn't able to finish as a bullet silenced him. The security guards who managed to shoot several of the robbers still stood due to their body armor. Only two more security guards stood, standing on the other side of the room as they dashed forward with their guns locked on the robbers. But as they were about to shoot...


Suddenly a blast of cold energy came out of nowhere and immediately froze the two security guards.

"Geez... these pigs never learn. Probably should'a become mall cops. They'd probably still be breathing if they were." Said the voice of a man as all the thugs looked over to see a man standing there beside the swinging open door of the massive truck. The man stood around 5'6 tall and wore a skin tight white and blue body suit with icicle designs all over it. White pieces of armor was strapped to his wrists, legs, and shoulders with white gloves and boots. The man had white fur around his collar with the only part of him exposed was his face. He was a Caucasian male with short brown hair, a go-tee, and a small scar under his right eye.

"Alright boys, let's get to work!" Said the man as he reached for his neck and grabbed the white mask around his neck as he pulled it up and over his head. Wearing a completely white mask that covered his entire face except for two eye-holes.

"Okay Sid- Wait! Wait! I didn't mean it! I didn't mea- AAAGH!" Screamed one of the thugs as he was frozen solid in a block of ice as the man in white held out his hand to him.

"I will say this only once... if ANY OF YOU MORONS CALL ME BY MY REAL NAME OR CALL EACH OTHER BY YOUR REAL NAMES I WILL NOT HESITATE THROWING YOU IN THE COOLER! UNDERSTAND!?" Yelled the man in white as they thugs fearfully nodded.

"My name is Snow-Strike... now, you four come with me to get the money! The rest of you keep your eyes out for the pigs. If they start getting nosy, start killing hostages." Said Snow-Strike as he and four other thugs walked deeper into the bank as the rest of the thugs were yelling as they got the rest of the people in the bank and started gagging and putting blindfolds around their eyes.

Soon, outside the bank police cars started to gather as cops set up a line and aimed their guns at the bank as the SWAT trucks just arrived.

The negotiator stepped up as he looked around and inspected the situation in the bank through the windows. He couldn't see everything clearly but he could see that there were around fifteen hostages and six or more hostiles. Probably more. The negotiator looked over to his left at two other cops, one older and more experienced and one younger who looked like he only joined the police force a few months ago.

"You got any info?" Asked the negotiator to the older cop.

"Yeah, a bit. The assailants drove a truck into the bank and started taking guards, civilians, and staff hostage. With one confirmed fatality of a security guard. We believe that the assailants are in possession of advanced weaponry." Said the older cop.

"What kind of advanced?" Asked the negotiator as he started to ready his megaphone.

"One of the witnesses passing by during the attack said he saw a man in some kind of white suit freeze another assailant in a block of ice. Very advanced and dangerous." Said the older cop.

"Okay, first we'll-" But before the negotiator could respond, a flurry of bullets and gunfire started coming from the bank as the assailants started to open fire. The artillery they were using was so deadly and advanced that the bullets cut through the cop cars and SWAT vans like tissue paper.

(Bam! Bang! Tatta! Ratta! Bam! Bang! Tatta! Ratta! Bam! Bang! Tatta! Ratta! Bam! Bang! Tatta! Ratta!)


As the gunfire rained down, two of the multiple cop cars exploded as police, SWAT members, and nearby civilians hit the ground. As the gunfire started to calm down, they police could hear the voice of one of the thugs yell out.

"LISTEN HERE PIGS! OUR WEAPONS ARE TOP QUALITY! IF YOU COPS DON'T BACK OFF WE'LL CUT YOU TO PIECES! AND IF WE SEE ANY SIGN OF SOME SWAT TRYING TO SNEAK IN, WE'LL KILL THE HOSTAGES AND ALL OF YOU! GOT IT!?" Yelled one of the thugs as the cops slowly started to pick themselves back up and look around at all the damage caused by the gunfire, and the injured cops and civilians being carried away.

"It's worse than we thought... With weapons like those, I don't know how we can-" But as the negotiator was about to speak, he and the surrounding cops heard a gush of wind as the negotiator stopped mid-sentence as all three of the cops felt a presence behind them.

"Don't worry, tell your men to fall back and get any other civilian in the zone of danger back. I will take care of it." Said a strong yet gentle and wise voice from behind the police. As the three turn their heads, they saw an 8'0 tall giant of a man in slick and shining metal armor, that very much resembled the modern equivalent of a knight. His chest had the red symbol of a dragon with it's wings spread out and his head pointed to the side with it's mouth open. The man was completely covered in armor, except for his reptilian wings, tail, and visor that revealed his orange slit reptile-like eyes. His hands ended in claws and has a holster for a large sword attached to his hip, and is wearing a helmet with two metal horn-like protrusions jutting out behind his head.

Before any of the police could reply, the man walked past them and walked up to the bank all by himself. As the three stared stunned, they quickly broke from their gazes as the negotiator spoke into his radio to tell the chef that they need to fall back. The younger cop still stared at the man clad in armor as he walked towards the bank. The older cop looked over at the younger one and spoke.

"So, I guess this is the first time you saw him in person, huh?"

"W-wait-! So you mean that's really-!?"

"Yes. He's DragonMan." Said the older cop as a second passed.

"Wow... He's bigger than I thought." Said the younger cop.

As the police pulled back, DragonMan stepped forward as the thugs looked out of the shattered windows and aimed their weapons.

"Hey, hey! What's going on here!?" Yelled one of the thugs.

"Don't you know who this is!? This is DragonMan you idiot!" Yelled another thug.

"So what!? Didn't you see what our weapons just did to that line of cops and SWAT!? We can take down this freak!" Yelled the first thug.

"Listen!" Said DragonMan as the thugs turned to face him continuing to walk forward. "I don't want there to be any more bloodshed then there has already been. This is your only warning, lie down your weapons and get on the ground or I will take things into my own hands."

"Are you suicidal or something!? Shoot him!" Yelled one of the thugs as the assailants aimed their weapons at DragonMan and started firing. But as the bullets headed straight towards DragonMan bounced off his armor as he dashed forwards at blinding speeds and smashed his way into the bank with pieces of the wall and dust flying everywhere.

"What the-!? Oof!" Groaned one of the thugs as DragonMan kicked him back and flew into the wall as DragonMan looked back at his other opponents as he easily one shoted all of them with punches and kicks as he caused them to fly through the air and grabbed one by the head and planted his face into the ground. As one of the thugs charged at DragonMan from behind, letting out a battle cry and shooting at him wildly was smacked back by DragonMan's tail as the thug flew into another wall.

As DragonMan was finished with the thugs, he knew there was one left as he yelled at DragonMan who was faced away from him.

"Hey! Freakshow! Your gonna let me leave or she dies!" DragonMan turned around with a calm expression as he saw the last thug holding a woman hostage with one hand and pressing the barrel of his gun against her skull with the other.

"... Cowardly." Mumbled DragonMan as the man visibly got angrier and DragonMan raised his finger as the metal around his finger started to become red hot with a small flame blooming from the top of it. As the thug was about to pull the trigger, DragonMan flicked his burning finger as a small wave of fire dashed forward and swiftly cut the thugs assault rifle in two.

"What the hell-?!" Yelled the thug as his weapon started to become red hot itself as the thug dropped the ruined weapon as the woman ran away and DragonMan dashed forward and punched out the thug, knocking out his teeth. As the thug hit the floor, DragonMan looked over at the woman he just saved.

"Is there any more?" Asked DragonMan.

"I umm... Oh yeah, three went into the back. I think their in the vault." Said the woman.

"Okay, you and everyone else get yourselves out of here. The police are already nearby." Said DragonMan as the woman nodded and started to leave along with all the other hostages. As DragonMan was about to go into the back, he stepped on one of the rifles used as he reached down and picked up the advanced assault rifle and inspected it's craft.

"This gun seems familiar..." But as DragonMan looked as the side of the weapon, he saw something that made his eyes widen.

"What? No... how did these criminals even get a hold of these?" Asked DragonMan as he read the inscription on the gun that read 'Knight Corp'. As DragonMan read the inscription, he looked to his left to see one of the assailants sealed in a block of ice. As DragonMan was just about to guess who or what could've done something like this, he heard the sudden and loud sound of crystallizing monolithic ice shards charging forward. Right as DragonMan looked up the massive ice shards hit him right in the abdomen and sent him flying back out of the bank.


Ice shards grew and broke out of the bank as DragonMan was knocked into mid-air and fell on one of the remaining cop cars, crushing the top.

"I hoped this lizard wouldn't show up..." Said Snow-Strike as he walked out of the bank and held a fat bag of cash in each hand. "I didn't want this to drag out... But I will kill anyone who's stupid enough to get in my way."

Snow-Strike dropped his bags of money as the two final thugs ran over to Snow-Strike and stood by his side as DragonMan started to pick himself back up from the wreaked cop car.

"I'm not giving you a chance!" Yelled Snow-Strike as he dropped the bags and held his hands in front of him as he started to fire razor sharp ice shards out of his hands with the velocity of bullets. DragonMan blocked the attack with his arms as he started to charged forward towards Snow-Strike as he moved in a zig-zag motion to try and throw off the villains aim.

As DragonMan got to him, DragonMan swung his fists to try and get a hit on him. But Snow-Strike managed to dodge most of the heroes attacks, but as DragonMan pulled his fist back to land another hit, Snow-Strike held his hands in the air and quickly materialized a massive ice club that weighed about several tons. But using the momentum of his arms, Snow-Strike brought it down on DragonMan's head as the club shattered.


As DragonMan was disoriented from the hit, Snow-Strike brought both hands together to his left as he formed a massive ice axe as he used his momentum to swing the massive ice axe at DragonMan who flew back and into the building nearby.



"And to actually think I took you seriously for a moment!" Yelled Snow-Strike as he aimed his palms to the ground to create a safe ice tower he stood on that was about twenty feet tall. As he looked at the hole in the wall that he knocked DragonMan through, he laughed as he aimed his palms forward and started going full force as he unleashed everything and assaulted the hole with extremely cold air that could freeze anything and thousands of razor sharp ice shards that could cut a brick in two. But as Snow-Strike continued to fire, he noticed DragonMan who was stepping forward through the barrage of cold air and ice with the arms he held in front of his face and the rest of him starting to be covered in ice. Snow-Strike just intensified his deadly barrage as the hero was about to be frozen over soon.

But as it appeared like it was about to be the end of DragonMan, his eyes opened up as they glowed with intense and powerful flames leaking from them. Snow-Strike started to notice this as the smile under his mask started to face.

"What!? What's going on?!" That's when DragonMan's entire body started to erupt in flames as it instantly melted all the ice away and completely shielded DragonMan from Snow-Strikes barrage. DragonMan then spread his arms as he released a massive burst of flames that annihilated Snow-Strikes cold blast and blew him back.


The villains stumbled a bit on his ice structure before looking back down at DragonMan, who looked at Snow-Strike with an angry expression.

"No! How did he do that!? What in the-" But before Snow-Strike could finish his sentence DragonMan charged forward and punched the ice structure Snow-Strike made once as it shattered into a hundred pieces as Snow-Strike fell down where DragonMan knocked him back with one punch as the villain was sent flying to the ground.

DragonMan walked up to the defeated villain as he grabbed him by the collar of his costume and lifted him up off the ground as the villains feet dangled off the ground helplessly. Being eye-to-eye with the knight.

"If you like to talk so much, tell me, where did you get your weaponized suit from?" Asked DragonMan as the beaten villain caughed a bit before laughing.

"I guess it's time for plan B." Said Snow-Strike as he used his left finger to press a button on his right hand, making a beeping sound.

"What are you planning? What ar-" But DragonMan was interrupted mid-sentence as he heard a creaking metal noise from behind him. He looked behind him to see the trailer connected to the truck that crashed into the bank rock back and forth as the metal on is started to bend. As the metal on the trailer looked like it was about to reach it's limit... The black trailer burst open as something big jumped from the shattered trailer and into the air before landing on the road.

As the dust cleared, DragonMan, the surrounding cops, and the semi-conscious Snow-Strike saw what that mysterious thing was. The best way to describe it was call it a spider tank, it was massive with four legs and multiple artillery weaponry on top of it, including a large turret in the middle. It possessed four red robotic eyes in front of it as it locked onto DragonMan.

DragonMan growled as he placed the defeated villain on the ground before standing back up and walking in the middle of the road to stare down the robot. The robot locked on it's machine guns at DragonMan who leaped out of the way and jumped fifty feet into the air and on the side of a building as the robot followed and continued to shoot at DragonMan who ran across the side of the building before leaping off and blasting several balls of fire right at the robot from his hands.


But it barely slowed down the robot as DragonMan landed on the road as he dashed towards the robot once again. The robot turned to face DragonMan as it released around twenty heat-seeking missiles as DragonMan's eyes widened as the missiles headed towards him. But he continued to run forward as he expertly dodged many of the missiles as he charged at the spider tank. But as he got close, the robot lifted one of it's front legs and hit DragonMan as he flew sideways. Splitting a car in two with how fast he was flying and crashing into another building.


But as DragonMan looked back up from where he was sent flying, he saw the heat-seeking missiles were still heading for him. DragonMan acted fast as he stood up and spun around as he ran up the building he crashed into as the missiles followed him. As DragonMan made it to the top, he spread his wings as he flew into the sky with all the missiles following. He continued to fly as he looked back as the missiles as he threw his right hand at them and blasted a blaze of fire at them as all the missiles blew up in mid air. But as that problem was taken care of, an unnaturally powerful blast of air hit DragonMan as he started to spiral out of control and fly towards the ground. But as DragonMan was spiraling out of control, he caught sight of the robot with an experimental weapon on it that was meant to fire air currents at hyperspeed to destroy aircraft's. He recognized it.

As DragonMan headed towards the ground, he used his jet blasts on his hands to make sure he crashes right in front of the robot.


DragonMan landed right in front of the robot and amazingly manage to land on his feet as he grabbed the robot by one of it's legs as he lifted the twenty ton robot into the air and started to spin it around and around with incredible strength, before letting go and making it fly down the road as the flying robot crashed through cars, lamp poles, bits of the road, and more before finally stopping and landing on top of it's back. The robot's legs wiggled around a little like a bug or turtle that was placed on it's back and can't move anymore.

But the robot managed to get back on it's legs as it was scratched up and badly damaged. It looked around for a second before spotting DragonMan again who was standing several dozen feet down the road from it. The robot started to target DragonMan again as DragonMan reached for his side and grabbed the hilt of the sword on his side before pulling the straight sword out and aim it at the robot. The robot readied it's massive turret as it locked on DragonMan. A moment passed before DragonMan charged forward. The robot started to fire it's machine guns as DragonMan swung his sword as the speed of sound as he blocked every single bullet from touching him.


The turret was ready as the spider tank fired the tank shell straight at DragonMan. But as the shell was heading straight at DragonMan, he just cut the shell in half as he continued to charge forward and swing his blade. DragonMan was standing right behind the robot as he faced away from it and panted as he and the robot stood there for a second. But after another second, the robot split in half and fell on the ground.

(...Shreek! Blunk!)

As DragonMan stood there, he turned back around to face the robot as he placed his sword back into it's holder as he walked forward. DragonMan crouched down as he started to examine the robot, he definitely recognized the design and that experimental wind cannon that was used on him. He reached down and ripped out one of the red eyes of the robot as he examined it, hoping that the name of the company wasn't what he believe it was.

"Knight Corp, just like the guns... How did they get a hold of this technology? I'll do some more research back at the lair." Said DragonMan as he stood back up and looked back around the ruined street as police and SWAT started to enter the area, as DragonMan looked over and saw Snow-Strike getting pulled up onto his feet by police as he got handcuffs slapped on him and walked him to the police cars. DragonMan gave the cops and the ravaged battlefield one last look before spreading his wings and flying away.

The Dragon Lair:

DragonMan flew through the air and over the ocean, only a mile away from the city itself as he came across a few tiny islands only off the coast of Manhattan with the biggest island having a huge mansion on top of it with only a bridge connecting it to Manhattan. As DragonMan flew around, he looked down and searched all around the water as he finally spotted the dark hole in the seabed floor. He stopped hovered over the ocean for a moment before folding his wings and diving into the water and through the black hole. He uses his tail to propel him faster and faster through the narrow hole as the tunnel had never ending twists and turns as DragonMan continued to swim faster and faster as DragonMan finally spotted a light in front of him as he swims even faster as instantly all the water around him disappeared as his momentum carried him through the exit of the hole and out of the tunnel. The exit led DragonMan to the Dragon Lair as he spread his wings and lightly made his way down to the many large and expansive reinforced catwalks that held computers, and elevator, tables filled with science equipment, shelves upon shelves filled with equipment and more.

DragonMan walked to the center piece of the catwalks where his computer, table and cabinets of files and leads, case where he keeps his armor, and medical table with supplies are located. The lair was filled with lighting from down below where the lava was located, but it didn't fill up the lair with deadly gases or an insane amount of heat that would melt anything. As DragonMan continued to walk forward, he spotted an old woman who was around her mid 50's with black pants and a tuxedo on. Clearly a butler with her brown and white hair tied up in a bun with an annoyed look on her face as she stared at DragonMan who continued to walk forward.

"How was your day today, Master William? You look like you just went through a blender." Commented the butler with a french accent as she stood up as the rugged and damaged DragonMan walked forward as he grabbed his helmet with his hands.

"Hello, Elise. Nothing much, it was mostly the same." Said William as he took his helmet off to fully reveal his reptilian face with orange slit eyes, a head more similarly shaped to a dinosaur rather then a human, a flat nose similar to a lizard, and row upon row of razor sharp teeth hidden under his scaly lips.

"'Nothing much' could hurt you and pierce your armor like that and cause those wounds. What happened to you?" Asked Elise in a more stern voice as William placed his helmet on a table nearby and started to take his armor off.

"A spider and a snowman." Said William ad Elise gave him a confused look as she looked over his wounds that were already rapidly healing.

"Pardon?" Asked Elise.

"It was a big mechanical spider and a criminal who somehow got a hold of a weaponized suit that can manipulate ice." Said DragonMan as he continued to take his armor off.

"With any other butler serving a famous billionaire hearing that, it might seem strange to them. But I work for a man who can transform into a lizard man at will and hangs out in dangerous lava filled caves. So I'm used to hearing things like that." Said Elise as she got some alcohol wipes and started to wipe down several of Will's larger wounds to prevent infection.

"Elise, I told you over and over. The machine below us is meant for conditions like this. It uses the heat energy from the very same lava below us to power the lair and the force field over the lava that protects us from the heat and smoke. It uses that very same energy to power the mansion, the lair, and can power the whole city if necessary." Said Will as he took of his last piece of armor and placed it all on one table in pieces. All he was wearing now was a black skin suit that covered his whole body except for his hands, head, neck tail, and wings as he looked down at Elise.

"Besides, I got something that's far more troublesome than lava." Said Will as he pulled out the same red robotic eye he took from the spider tank and held it up to Elise could see, reading 'Knight Corp.' on the side.

"Where did you get that?" Asked Elise as DragonMan walked over and placed it on the side of the large computer as he spoke. "It was one of the eyes of the robot I fought, they also had advanced firearms with the Knight Corp name on it as well."

DragonMan then shrank down as his reptilian features became more human with his tail and wings retracting into his backside with his scales turning into human skin with Will's hair growing back until he completely transformed back into a human. Even as a Human, Will stood around 6'1 tall. He was Caucasian, in very fit condition, around his early to mid 30's, had puffy black wedge-shaped sideburns, long black slickback hair with several patches sticking up that give the appearance of small spines, green eyes, and had a face with years of experience on it.

"Well, that's not good. You've only been doing this for three years to try and bring honor to your parents. Doing your vigilante work and trying to run the Knight Corp industry as officiantly as you could to honor them as much as you could. If it gets out that these criminals used weapons from your company, it could all be ruined. Plus, many more innocent people can get hurt or even die because of these hooligans." Said Elise as William sat in his computer chair and started to type away on it.

"Yes... when they passed, they left their company in my hands... and... and..." William began to trail off as his typing on his computer became slower and slower. A visible look of sadness was on Will's face as he looked at his computer screen. As Will began to remember back to the day where he saw the life drain away from his parents and died right in front of him. As he continued to reminisce, Will felt a hand on his shoulder as he continued to look at the computer screen.

"I miss them too, and I promised them that I will never leave your side." Said Elise as Will closed his eyes and nodded his head before looking back up at his computer and continued to type away, pulling up Knight Corp files of weapons that were still in the experimental stages. As he than pulled up folders with the picture of the same black rifles the thugs were using and the spider tank that he fought.

"The DH-845, a semi-automatic rifle that can hold 300 rounds of ammunition with specially designed bullets that can pierce right through a tank. And the Crawler-3S6 Model-6, a specially designed tank with the ability to travel through any type of terrain, crawl up vertical surfaces, able to recognize and adapt to threats, and equipped with the best artillery weapons along with an experimental air cannon that blasts guest of air that are meant to take down planes. These weapons are still in the experimental stages, it's impossible for anyone to get a hold of them." Said William as he pulled out a drawer on the side as he reached in and pulled out a cigar, putting it in his mouth and using a lighter to light up the end of it.

"Impossible for anyone who's not working at Knight Corp. Only high class personnel have access to that level of weaponry. As much as I hate to say it, there might be a traitor among the personnel." Said Elise as William stood back up form his chair and walked over to the same table where he left his damage armor at, as he looked beside them to see a pile of neat folded clothes and shoes as William picked them up and started to change.

"I agreed. I'll do some investigation on the stolen weapons later. But for now, It's time for William Knight to shine." Said William as he finished putting on the red tie to his white button up shirt as he heard ringing beside him. Will looked over to see his phone on the table ringing as he reached for it and picked it up and answered the call.

"Hello?" Asked William.

"WILL! WHERE ARE YOU!? You were scheduled to meet with General Earnest Powers and other military high-ranking personnel today and give them a tour around Knight Labs! You were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago! What kept you so long!?" Yelled a woman's voice on the other end of the phone.

"I'm sorry, Valerie. Must've forgotten the meeting, I was tangled up with something earlier." Said Will.

"How in the world do you keep forgetting important meetings like-... Nevermind, you need to be here within ten minutes or else we can kiss that military contract goodbye." Said Valerie.

"Don't worry Valerie, I'll be there." Said Will as he hung up and placed the phone in his pocket at he walked over to the elevator with Elise following him.

"You know, you can't keep doing this do her. She is your assistant after all." Commented Elise as both walked into the elevator.

"It's not easy to balance vigilante work with being the CEO of a massive company you know. But I've known Valerie for a long time, she will calm down. Perhaps I'll take her out for coffee after the meeting." Said Will as the doors to the elevator closed as Elise smiled at Will.

"Perhaps then you'll ask her the question?" Said Elise as William stared straight ahead with his straight poker face.

"... I don't know what your talking about." Said Will as the elevator went up and out of the Dragon Lair.


In a blank concrete room with only several pieces of old and damaged furniture spread about, there is one long table in the middle of the room with several dozen hardened criminals standing on one side was a speakerphone and two impressively built gentlemen standing on both sides of it. Many of the criminals looked a bit frightened and nervous as they stood there.

"I just heard back from what happened at the bank and the weapons... care to explain who screwed up?" Asked a disguised voice from the phonespeaker, unable to tell whether they were a man or a woman.

"Look, sir... We didn't know that DragonMan would show up, and we didn't think he would beat Daly with that ice suit... Let along that huge freaking spider tank!" Said the man in the middle of the criminals who appeared to be their leader.

"You had a simple job, get in, get the money, and get out... Daly is lucky he's in jail or else I would make an example out of him here and now. I don't give you these advanced weapons so you can loose them and constantly fail me! I NEED that money!" Growled the disguised voice over the phone in anger before taking a deep breath to compose themselves.

"Sir, look, we promise we won't fail you again, we'll be under the radar and we'll get that money for you! I promise! I'll make sure everything goes smoothly, and if that overgrown lizard shows up again... We'll kill him! I swear." Said the leader as the voice remained silent for a moment as the two gentlemen next to the phonespeaker reached down below the tables and pulled up large black brief cases as they lay them out on the table and pop open the latches, swinging the cases open to reveal a slander blue rifle and a bulky silver rifle.

"You swear? You see, I'd like to believe you... Except you didn't keep Daly and the rest of those morons of yours in line and look where they are now! You and this little pathetic gang was nothing until I showed up and gave you weapons, all I ask in return is to do what I say. But if you can't even keep your men in check, I'm afraid I can't trust you." Said the voice in an incredibly threatening tone as the faces of all the criminals, especially the leader went pale.

"Look, I-I'm sorry, okay? I'll keep an eye on my guys, we WON'T mess up again I promise! You can trust me!" Said the leader as the voice remained silent for a moment.

"Really? I can trust you? So, stealing several of the weapons I gave you and planning to take a plane out of country and sell them for a fortune is the definition of trust to you?" Asked the voice as the leader gained a look of absolute terror on his face.

"But... wait, how did-... look, it's not what you think. I-"

"I can't deal with any of your bull #$% anymore... Now, pay close attention..." Said the voice as the gentleman on the right reached down and picked up the slender blue rifle as he aimed it at the leader of the gang. Before the leader or any of the criminals could've reacted, the man pulled the trigger and shot a bolt of lightning straight at the leader as it borrowed a hole in his chest.


The leader then fell on his knees with the smoking hole in his chest, before falling flat on his face as all the criminals and the two gentlemen looked down at the corpse with surprised and shocked expressions. A moment of silence passed before the voice spoke up.

"What was that? Which gun did you use?" Asked the voice.

"Uhh... the blue one." Said the man on the right who was unsure of himself.

"... You were SUPPOSED to use the silver air rifle NOT the blue lightning rifle. I just wanted to scare him and keep him in line, NOT to kill him! *Sigh*... Now we're short another man." Said the voice as the right gentlemen placed the blue cannon back down.

"Sorry, boss." Said the gentleman.

"... Who's second in command?" Asked the voice as a younger thug stepped up who was obviously nervous and raised his hand.

"M-Me, boss..." Said the young criminal.

"Okay, your the leader of your little group now. Try to get more men, we seem to be running low on them..." Said the voice as the man on the left picked up the silver rifle and tossed it through the air at the new leader who caught it and looked down at it.

"There are three more trucks parked in the back with more weapons, I don't care how but you NEED to get that money!" Yelled the voice as all the criminals in the group gave a frightened 'Yes boss.' in unison.

"And if you see DragonMan again, I assure you, with the weapons I'm supplying you with next time you see him he will DIE. And no one will stand in my way..." Said the voice as they hung up.

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