The Contract Marriage Book

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The Contract Marriage


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*No rape or major misunderstandings* Can true love prevail over difficult circumstances? Xu Xiang was proposed to by Chen You who she has just been dating for a long time. It has been the happiest day for her but unfortunately, that happiness was short-lived when her father forced her into getting married to Zhong Yanlin. How will her life play out in this dangerous game? Who will she choose between her ex-boyfriend and the man she married? And will Zhong Yanlin get the position he wants? " I have someone I like," " I don't care so far you are married to me," Xu Xiang could not understand what he wants from her. If you are looking for a strong female lead, this is the book. This story is part of the webnovel spirity awards contest. Please vote for this book. Your encouragement is all I need. Please leave a review and comment, I want to know y'all thoughts about it


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