1 Chapter 1

" My lady, wake up,"

" Let me sleep more,"

" Have you forgotten that you have a date with Chen You?"

She whispered behind my ear. I quickly get up.

" What is the time?"

" It is between 8-9 am,"

I stopped immediately.

" Hey, Xu Liqin," I shouted " You have grown wings, I have a meeting with him at 12-1 pm,"

" I am sorry, that is the only way to wake you up," she said while looking down

" The only way?"

She did not say anything

I did not talk to her and I went to the bathroom.

[A few hours later]

I went to meet with Chen You, my boyfriend whom I have been dating for 5 years. He said he wants to see me all of a sudden. I arrived at the place.

" You are here," he said with a smile

" Yes, hope I didn't make you wait,"

" You did...a lot,"

He laughed and he touched my nose. We order our food.

" This is the food you like,"

" There is no one who knows me better than you,"

" If I did not know you well, then am I qualified to be your boyfriend?"

" You got a point there,"

We both laughed, all of a sudden he put on a serious face.

" Is everything the matter?"

" Xu Xiang,"

He holds my hand.

" We have been dating for 5 years,"

" Yes?"

What is he getting at?

" I want you to be the mother of, my children,"

I was surprised.😳

" I don't like it when I am sending you home, I want to be with you 24/7," he was still holding my hand " You are my life, I don't think I can leave without you, so will you marry me,"

I shook my head.

" Yes,"

He puts the ring in my hand. Tears flow down from my eyes.

" Why are you crying?'

" I am not crying, it is a cry of joy,"

I could not hold it any longer and I went to hug him.

[A few minutes later]

He walked me home while we were holding hands.

" I will tell my parents the news,"

" I will too,"

He comes closer and kissed me in my forehead.

" Bye,"

I waived at him and he left.

I entered inside and I saw my mother looking down and my father sitting down and It looks like they are waiting for me.

" Mom, Dad is anything the matter?"

" Sit down," my dad said

I sat down. I was dying with curiosity wanting to know what happens.

" What is it?"

" You will be getting married to the prince of Heakha kingdom,"

" What?"

I was shocked. I could not believe my ears.

I looked at my mom and she was quiet not wanting to look at my face.

" You will be getting married in 3 days,"

I stand up

" Dad, what is this nonsense?" I was angry " I was just being proposed to by the man I loved. I was so happy coming here wanting to tell you the good news but instead what I am hearing is I should get married to a prince I don't even know,"

" Are you talking about that useless boy? What can he do for you? All he could do is tell you how much he loves you,"

" Yes, he can not do anything for me but being with him makes me happy,"

" Happy? Do you know the definition of happy?"

" DAD,"

" Don't say anything, I don't want to listen to your nonsense,"

He looked at my mom.

" You woman, go and prepare for the wedding of your daughter,"

My mother stays silent.

" Fine.....If you have decided to get me married to him then be prepared for seeing your DAUGHTER COFFIN,"

I shouted and then I left.

" Xu Xiang,"

My mother shouted.

I didn't look back.

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