10 Chapter 10- Changes(Edited)

Holy moly +30,000 I knew that she would react instantly but I didn't expect such an intense one but thinking about it's quite normal

She lived her life suppressing her pain and playing out the character of a strong girl, without anybody to openly talk about, her pain doubled

Plus the guilt of using her smaller brother to get rid of her pain must have hurt her a lot, and my forgiveness must have hit her hard

she went on crying for about the next 5 minutes, when she had finished we stayed in the same position for about 10 minutes, I was the one who first talked

"Are you okay?"

There was no response but I had felt a small nod on my chest, after that silence prevailed, I looked down towards my sister and what I saw surprised me

she was holding her head down, her eyes closed and her whole face was red in embarrassment like a tomato, her lips pursed she looked so adorable that I wanted to give her a bite

Feeling my gaze she looked up towards me, her eyes hazy, her venerable look caused my heartbeat to fasten, I started feeling a little fuzzy

Feeling a bit mischievous, I leaned forward and gave a kiss on her forehead, going towards her ears I whispered

"You look so cute right now sis"

And before I could say anything she pushed me away and ran away from me, I turned around to the door only to see a couple of surprised maids not knowing why their eldest miss was running.

Laughing I stood up and started walking, to my eldest sister's room that is...

Nora's Pov:

I ran and ran, I kept running away from my little brother, without even bothering about the surprised gazes from the maids I ran to my room, Giving orders that no one can enter my room, I ran inside and jumped to my bed

'Arghhhh, what did you do Nora, why did you cry in front of your little brother, he's going to think you're a crybaby!!"

Laying on my bed I looked towards my ceiling taking deep breathes I tried to control my emotion but then I touched my forehead and my little brother's words enter my mind

'You look so cute right now sis'

Remembering those words my face starts to Heat up how can he say such words to his sister!!, I closed my eyes and started to remember what had happened now, I had heard rumors that my brother had started to change recently

Curious about it I had called him to have a tea with me, I had expected him to act like usual all scared and fearful of his big sister

But to my surprise he didn't display any of it, unusual of him, he displayed at most confidence in himself, for a moment I thought he was someone else

But then looking at his silver hair and purple eyes just like father's, I threw that notion away, whenever I see him father's image always comes to my mind

I had always bullied him for my father's death, I felt that if it weren't for him then the father would be alive, that he would come home pat my head, and play with me like always

But I knew that was a dream and that I was just using my brother to vent my pain and frustration, in all honesty, I wanted to go up to him and apologize for everything and say that I was sorry

But I couldn't do it, I had thought that today would be the same as always but unexpectedly he had asked for a game of chess, thinking nothing of it I agreed

But I didn't think that he would use the game to bring out the fears and pain that I hid, each word he said had pulled my heartstrings and before I knew it I was crying in his embrace.

While I was reeling in my emotions I heard a knock on my door and then a voice from whom I ran away was heard

"Big sister can I come in?"


"Big sister, could you open the door?"


'Why did he come here!?, did he come here to make fun of me?'

While I was thinking I walked towards the door hesitating whether I should open it or not, I didn't know how to face him

"Sigh...big sis if you are angry at me, then I am sorry"

"Whatever I said back then was from my heart, I don't want you to be in pain and loneliness"

I bit my lips hearing his words, my heartfelt happiness, and sourness at once

"You don't have to be embarrassed for crying sis, you are my idol, I look up to you"

"You crying does not change that, nor what you do in the future, you will always be my great big sister"

"I will wait tomorrow in the same room for you, let's play chess again, or are you scared that you will lose to me?"


"I will wait for you as we are a family"

I heard the sound of his footsteps leaving the door of my room while I slides down and sat by getting the support of the door

A tear fell on my face this time, not of sadness but happiness

"Austin, that idiot I will get him tomorrow"


Austin pov:

I hum merrily while I headed towards my room, my plan had gone better than I thought, looks like I can start the other plans


[The starting pack gift has been activated, do you want to open it?]

"A starting pack gift?, why am I only getting it now?"

[Due to a certain connection problem it had only arrived now]

Raising an eyebrow at that answer, I decided to open it once I get to my room, while I reached there I saw a six-year-old silver-haired girl standing there pouting.

I was surprised at first but after a bit of thinking I understood her reason, when I got close she jumped into my embrace and started beating my chest

"Booo, big brother you did not come to play today, I waited a lot and you didn't come"

Looking at me with her pouting face she expressed her indignation, smiling I poked her cheeks

"I am sorry Elda, I had a meeting with big sis and I was held up there"

After a bit of pampering her, she finally started to smile, to make it up to her I suggested something

"Why don't you come and sleep with your brother today"

My suggestion surprised her and she started to blush and look away

"i-if big brother wants then I have no problem"

Saying that she ran away, shaking my head I entered my room.

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