1 Elizabeth

The signal from the end of the class woke me up. I did not even realize that I had fallen asleep until the ringing signal.

Not that it was my fault, I thought, watching my friends, just waking up. Kelly and Tessa my best friends forever god. We were together at all times and we wanted to go to the same college.

"I hate old history class," Tessa commented, putting her things in her backpack.

"I like it." Kelly yawned, stretching. "It's good to take a nap.

_ We come to school to study _ I disguised my kneaded face by adjusting my glasses.

We stared at each other for two seconds before we laughed. We expect the flow of students leaving the room before we leave behind them. Our teacher Eno Johnson was a chubby lord who loved the facts and all about ancient history. But his class was incredibly annoying.

"Tomorrow, Mr. Johnson, we said good-bye, educated.

_ Until tomorrow, girls_ he gave us that little smile of who knows of things_ I hope the three of you wake up in the next class.

I felt guilty, Tessa and Kelly giggled.

"We're sorry, Mr. Johnson.

"No problem, girls. I can not really complain about your notes. You are the best of your year.

_ See you tomorrow then.

We left the room for a hallway full of people and we went to our closets that by incredible that seems were next to each other.

Someone slammed my shoulder, it hurt.

_ Beware, freak_ Jennifer Stone, patricinha / prom queen / cheerleader. A steady stone in my shoe. I do not know how or why else she hates me at one time.

"It was bad," I said tiredly, "but it was you who hit me.

If I looked I could kill I would probably be dead. She shook her hair in my face and rolled away to join the soccer guys. She had been doing this from time to time. Making me stumble, throwing my things to the ground. Kid stuff like that. Sometimes I wonder if she could do better. Boring.

"How she pisses me off!" Tessa had grabbed Kelly's arm so she would not do anything crazy to punch Jennifer's face.

_ Relax. Remember, it's only another year and a half, "Tessa reminded us. That was our motto.

I watched Jennifer throw herself into the arms of the captain of the football team.

"I honestly do not give a shit about it." I straightened my glasses and opened my closet, storing my books. "But I confess I'd love to know the reason for her hatred.

They looked at me in surprise and then exchanged glances.

"You really do not know?" Kelly asked interested.

_ I have no idea. Should?

Tessa pulled me by the arm and made me look at the couple clinging to the exit door. But instead of the usual clutches Greg Timberg was staring at me. Wow, that scared me. When he gave me a half-smile, I turned my face blushing. I stared at my closed closet and adjusted my glasses.

"This can only be some joke," I said, ignoring the hot chill in the pit of my stomach.

They laughed softly, trying to hold on.

"I do not think it's a joke," Tessa commented.

I looked at her.

_ How do you know?

"Greg's been staring at you since school started!" The door to his closet clicked. Kelly put her dark brown hair behind her earbuds. You do not realize that because she's always stuck in the books.

That kind of offended.

_ Not quite like that_ But I knew what kind of it was. I love reading, romance, fiction whatever comes is profit.

"What do you think about stealing from her?" Tessa asked excitedly.

I looked at both of them horrified by the suggestion.

_ No way. I do not want.

We headed for the exit and I looked down and straightened my glasses. Fixing my glasses is kind of a touch of mine.

_ Hey lisa_ his voice made me look at him in surprise.

As the girls seemed to want to slow down the pace I pulled them by the arms forcing them to accompany me. If they stopped to talk to him I would have to stop too, and I do not think we could get away from Jennifer later. Considering the look on her face. How frightening, I thought, half amused by her jealousy.

"Hi, Greg," I said as we passed. On the stairs the girls were laughing loudly and I blushing horrors embarrassed _ I hate you, really.

I had to wait for them to stop laughing and make fun of me. I observed the wealthy students of the Maria Helena school leaving with their private drivers. Maria Helena College is a private college for young people from rich Philadelphia families in Pennsylvania. Like all those private driver's rickshaws I was one of them.

But I could not feel that I belonged here. Everything seemed so fake. Around here everyone was in the latest fashions, some more arrogant than others and always trying to prove that they had more money than the other. One of the reasons my friends and I did not get much around here.

We were different. Kelly is the captain of the volleyball team of an out-of-school team, tall and full-bodied with dark brown hair and bright green eyes. Although she was rich, she did not care much about this sort of thing. Tessa was a computer geek, she could do and find out anything by telling her that she was online. It was scary.

And there was me. The blonde girl with big glasses. Unlike the other two I was nothing special. I noticed the new chevrolet Malibu park and Mr. James leave. He nodded, waved back.

_ Do you want a ride?

"I'm not going home yet," Tessa replied. "The principal asked me to pack some computers that had tilts in the computer room and I also have to see what goes on with the school net. Depending on I have to give it a raise too.

"I've got training so I'm going straight from here," Kelly said quickly. "We're getting ready for the games that are coming.

Unfortunately I had nothing to do after school. Boredom.

"Then I'm going. See you later.

_ We talk later.

_ See you.

I ran to the car and Mr. James opened the door for me.

_ Thanks.

Half an hour later we were entering through the house gate. Our perfect home with a perfect family, I thought wryly. Trimmed lawn and blue whiting. Roses at the entrances and a fountain of water with the goddesses of fortune.

When Mr. James stopped the car, he prepared to get off, and I stopped him.

_ I can open the door for myself_ I opened the door and left quickly_ You go to my mother in the club, right?

_ Yes ma'am.

I frowned at her, but I let her in and went into the house. In this family we were four. My parents and my sister five years older, Emily. The perfect, beautiful Emily. I grew up watching my mother do all her pampering. All she had to do was cry or pout. The two worked well.

But despite being a boring bitch who likes to rub the faults of others in their faces, but I was her favorite target. She was smart, a lawyer at a well-respected firm in the center. And she was at home today, great.

She looked me over and over. He does not seem to like what he saw because he frowned.

_ Are you going to school like this?

It irritated me. Worst of all, we were both alike. She was just the older, prettier version of me.

_ Would you like me to be like? Naked? "I replied, moving away from her.

"What do you think about wearing some makeup?" She said behind my back. "So maybe you will not embarrass the family.

Shame on the family! It made me stop and stare at her as I adjusted my glasses irritably.

_ I'm going to school, not for a nightclub_ responded_ There is no need to wear makeup at school. And much less pass that shit in the face early.

She looked at me with contempt.

_ If you say_ and left as if you did not call if I was here.

Yes, my family was the best, I thought irritably. I have to find something to do after school and just go home when everyone is asleep.

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