Funny as it may sound this story was written after having a series of dreams that I could recall vividly of attaining success, being betrayed by someone close to me, then finding peace and solace in career and romance with a man of my dreams.

It couldn't get more cliche, but I'm hoping you give this story a chance, to dive into a tale that will no doubt bring you to tears and laughter with its subtle comedy, and witty banter between two solid and relatable main characters. All characters I imagine aren't based off of anyone I know in real life. Purely coincidental if otherwise, but this story was imagined, twisted and turned over the last four years since it has been written.

This will be the third edition, where a more detailed story is told between characters and each plot twist. This story is a part of a growing series of stories and characters all intertwined over time and space. You all might be lucky to meet the others, or dive into the story of many unnamed characters that you'll meet. Prepare for a clusterfuck of emotions.

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