The Cold President's Fierce Love Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The Cold President's Fierce Love


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President Zhang Chen of Zhang Corporation of Country C fell in love with sweet, naive and innocent Xuan Nuwa when she saved him from the attack by his rivals. Xuan Nuwa is being forced by her family to get in a relationship with Jiang Yuan whom she hates. So, when the charming and ruthless President came to her with an irresistible offer. How can she deny him? * "I have a offer for you. Marry Me and I will get rid of Jiang Yuan for you." President Zhang states with such confidence as if he was not proposing marriage to a complete stranger but talking about weather. "Young Master, How can you just.." His proposal has left the sweet Nuwa speechless. "We are getting married. Let's go." With that the ruthless CEO dragged the stupified Nuwa with him. * That was how I found myself holding red book in my hands. My life was turned upside down when the cold, ruthless, icestone President of a world doing conglomerate barged into my life and claimed it as his own. I was the President's Firece Love.


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