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Chapter 0

??? = "Nice of you to stop by, in this awful weather even."

??? = "Don't mention it, and I like it here. Feels close to home. You did quite well to maintain this shop of yours."

??? = "This old lousy thing? Hah! This thing could not even attract customers anymore. Nonetheless, it's still very important for us."

??? = "Hey, you still got me and my son rooting for yah, and that reminds me, you got this from your old man, right?

??? = "Yes, 8 years before he was sent away… he gave the key to this place to me. I still vaguely remember his words at that time, "Don't look at me like that, look at somewhere else which holds dear to you most." Something along those lines."

??? = "Oh, my condolence, I… didn't mean to make this conversation take that kind of path."

??? = "Nah, it's fine to reminisce from time to time. Say, want to have a drink? Just like the old times and of course, it's my treat."

??? = "Not in front of the kids, and you know I can't get home drunk."

??? = "You're mistaken, my friend, and besides it's too early for that. Just some of our best coffee for both of us, what do you say."

??? = "Well, if you ask that politely, I may drink a cup or two."

??? = "That's the spirit, our children won't mind the wait, they seem to be having fun together."

??? = "If you say so, John."

John = "And that I did, Mark."

*A young hazel-eyed girl with black long hair touched up with a knotted ribbon, dressed in some sort of doll-like fashion, and is wearing a childlike smile on her face, tugged on the apron of her father."

John = "Hmm, what do we have here? How can a cute doll be able to move? Did a witch cast a spell on you? Haha."

*The young girl pouts and turns away, then got unknowingly picked up by her father*

*The girl struggles to get free but to no avail, instead she points to the cup Mark was holding*

John = "Oh that, I guess I could give you some."

*He gently places down the girl on the counter and starts rummaging his cupboards*

Mark = "John, I don't think you should give this to childr- "

*Before Mark could finish his sentence, John turned around with a milk carton in his right hand, and on the carton was the word "Coffee", John then poured a cup for the girl*

John = "to children? Mark? You do know that milk is good for the bones and younger ones at that."

Mark = "Heh, you tease me too much; I shouldn't have doubted the owner of a coffee shop."

John = "And that you should, isn't that right Elle?

Elle = "Y-yes…"

*Elle took a sip from the cup and requested to be placed on the floor, then went her merry way towards a child sitting near the shops' glass window*

Mark = "Elle eh?"

John = "Short for Amarella, it's a good nickname, right? I made it myself."

Mark = "Yeah, yeah."


Elle = "Hey, Hey! Look what I got!

*Elle showed the half-filled milk cup to a boy doodling on his notebook with used crayons provided by the shop*

*The boy with short brownish hair and turquoise eyes, clothed in a plain blue T-shirt and brown shorts, continued drawing, ignoring the statement given by the girl beside him*

Elle = "Hey! Stop ignoring me!"

*Placing the cup on the boy's table, she pokes him*

Elle = "Come on! You can't ignore my pokes, I'm this shop's "Poke Master", No one can resist my powerful pokes!

*She keeps poking him but the boy brushed the pokes away*

Elle = "Hey… hmm...Aha!"

*Elle grabbed the crayon the boy was using from behind*

??? = "Huh?! Hey! Give me that!"

*He turns towards the direction of Elle with an annoyed look*

Elle = "Oh now you notice me…, Hey! What's with that strange look on your face?"

??? = *Sighs* "Nothing… Could you please hand that over? "

Elle = ���No, not unless, you say you're sorry… and formally if you may."

??? = *Groans* "I, Marlow, would like to ask for your forgiveness, o beautiful and Annoying Miss Elle."

Marlow = "There, is that good for you?"

*Unamused, she keeps the crayon and runs away from the table*

Elle = "If you really want this crayon, come and get it, jerk."

Marlow = "Why you little!"

*Marlow grabs his notebook before running after Elle*

Marlow = "Come back here, you!"

Elle = "Why don't YOU come here, slowpoke!"

*The two of them raced to and fro across the shop, making loud noises along the way*

*With quick hands, John grabbed both of their clothes stopping them in place*

John = "Now, now children, you be shouldn't be making quite a racket. You're disturbing the other customers."

Elle = "I-I'm sorry dad"

Marlow = "I'm sorry Mr. John, Sir"

Elle = "But he started it." *She points at Marlow*

Marlow = "What, Me?!, but you're the one who grabbed the crayon I was using!"

Elle = "Well, you were ignoring me!"

*The two children turned their back towards each other, crossing their arms*

Elle and Marlow = "Hmph!"

*Mark appeared before them, still holding his cup of coffee*

Mark = "Such feisty children we have here. Come on now, make up you two."

*The children staggered a bit, but are still averting gazes*

*Mark places his hand on his son*

Mark = "This is the right time to be the man, sport."

*Stalling a bit, Marlow nodded*

Marlow = "Elle I- "

*As he turned towards Elle, Elle was already facing him*

Elle = "Marlow, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have bothered you when you were so focused on your work. I'm really sorry."

*Marlow, Hanged his head low*

Marlow = "I… I'm sorry… too…"

*Elle shook Marlow's hand with a bright smile on her face, as for Marlow it was plain disappointment*

John = "Aww, What cute kids."

Mark = "Good, now that's done, why don't you both play quietly over there, ok?"

Elle = "Yes, sir."

*Marlow, nods*

Mark = "Hmm, What's up sport? What's keeping you down eh?

Marlow = "I failed again, Dad."

Mark = "Don't be like that son. You'll get braver next time. Until then keep striving for it."

*Marlow turns around and whispered*

Marlow = "But that's what you always say…"


Known descriptions of the characters:


- The Coffeeshop Owner's daughter, a quirky child with a pep on her step. Often plays with Marlow when he comes over.


- An artistic and earnest child often forced by Amarella to play.

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