The city known as Abyss: Jaeger's shot in the beyond Book

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The city known as Abyss: Jaeger's shot in the beyond


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The city known as the Abyss, was a city removed from the world too large to know. After a great catastrophe, its struggles were cut off from the rest of the world. Yet, through a fog, it was further cut from the very dimension it had resided upon. Jaeger, a young investigator orphaned at birth from the first cataclysm that shook the city and destroyed countless villages and people beyond its walls. A simple man, with too many secrets, and far too many problems. At first, he was merely on the tail of a strange old man when a fog rolled over the city and turned morbid life, into a horrible nightmare. God's descend from other planes and dimensions, creating sanctuaries in the city for those that seek shelter. No matter what though, fates hand holds a grasp on every life and those who do not struggle will not survive in the end. Jaeger isn't one to struggle, but with countless gods and people looking to him for leadership he chooses to be an observer. This novel is a mix of a game like state of reality, quests and missions, portals to other planes with deadly curses and creatures. Items, cultivation, super powers, genetic changes, psychic abilities, anything is possible on the other side of a portal or from the hands of a god...however, to receive an equal amount of life must be carved from flesh.