1 Prologue

"Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings instead of your own." - Harold Coffin







Only those who are bestowed with these gifts are allowed to stand at the top as if the world has given them the authority to look down on the ones considered inferior.

The geniuses seem to miraculously acquire the gatepass to the blockbuster where they can shine even more while the mediocre stand behind them - enveloped with the higher-ups' shadow.

But boy was the world wrong.

A misfit changed it all.


Long ago, the earth was struck by a mysterious and gigantic meteorite. With the tremendous explosion, the world was never like its old self again. Unexplainably, people obtained bizzare powers.

There are individuals who can manipulate elements - fire, water, wind, rock, electricity, gravity, time, space and other things one cannot even comprehend.

Due to this peculiar phenomenon, evil was also born.

Ore. That is what the citizens call their magic-like power - an ability that either saves or destroys.


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