The Chrysalis Project
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The Chrysalis Project


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What is The Chrysalis Project

Read The Chrysalis Project novel written by the author CloverMLangley on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Romance stories, covering romance. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Sienna was dirt poor. Struggling to pay off her debts, every waking moment became an uphill battle between school and work. Until one fated opportunity is given to her by pure, dumb chance. Sienna decides it is the perfect timing to open her blabbermouth and initiate an argument with the notorious Hayden Whitehall. Unexpectedly, she is deceived and unwillingly dragged into the dramatic lifestyle of the elite and powerful and chosen as a candidate for The Chrysalis Project - a top-secret transformation program operated by the institution to turn commoners with troubled pasts into the elites' "playthings". In her attempts to uncover the truth, Sienna slowly grows more affectionate towards the same man that had placed her in the midst of chaos in the first place. There is more to the turn of events than it may appear, and soon Sienna will uncover that the real enemy is perhaps not Hayden Whitehall, but other powerful forces in play.


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Hello Everyone ❤️(๑╹ω╹๑ ) I'm Clover, the author of this novel! Nice to meet you all~ I am currently providing daily chapter updates for free. I am writing this on my own time without pay which can be especially time consuming. But I love all my readers so, for all you lovelies, I will try my best to make sure you all get daily updates! ❤️ Webnovel has indicated that if more people read and support this novel, and that this novel gets a good amount of statistics and power ranking overall, that they may offer a contract for me! This means that I can concentrate on this novel more (which means more chapters) if I am being paid to write ❤️❤️❤️. Please support this novel as much as possible at your own pace, and with time, incentives, and effort, I'm sure we can get there! Thank you all lovelies for choosing my story to read! ❤️I hope you enjoy TCP as much as I did writing the story, and I hope that you won't hesitate to comment your thoughts and I will always reply back to you when I can ❤️. Love you all and see you around~ and please give a good review if you can! ❤️


Hey everyone! So so sorry for the lack of updates these couple of months. Unfortunately, I think I may need to end the story updates, I have a full-time job with long hours now and by the time I get home, I am usually too exhausted to continue writing. This doesn't mean the story is finished, I will just not have stable updates at all which doesn't fit Webnovel's style I guess. In addition, I would just like to say that last October I submitted this book to Webnovel and I won the contest, they promised me a contract but never did, so for that reason and that reason alone I don't believe I will continue the story here just because they never met their promise and were pretty much telling me that my story "sucked" which is why it isn't more popular. I just want to be clear that I write for myself and no one else. I can care less about popularity or not, if the writing is bad but it's popular, the writing is still BAD (which is most of the stories on here, no offence but a lot of the stuff here is cringey to say the least). I will try my best to improve my writing and continue this story in the future, thanks so much for being with me so far. I think I will move all my content to Patreon, where I'll charge very little to access all my content and keep everyone updated on what I'm doing, etc. Find me here: Instagram: Clovah Twitter: uhaclover Patreon: patreon.com/clover


This is an intersting plot with a strong storyline. The quality of writing exceeds expectation...beautifully written... the unique independent character of female lead and mysteriously peculiar yet fascinating male lead both easily capture the readers' heart and interest in few initial eventful chapters... i wish all the best to author and expect stady updates. thank you.


I love the female protagonist's character. She has strong personality and way too smart for her own good. However, there has been no updates for several weeks already.


I just read this from a friend's phone and I fell in love at first read. I love the story. I love the characters. I hope you could give us a daily update.


yay, its finally re-upload again.. i will re-read it from the first chapt again😆😆😆 thank you author, keep the good work and stay healthy😀😀😀


Reveal spoiler


I love the progression of this story. The developing friendships along with the underlined mystery of why her and what his ulterior motives really are.


Really good story line. Characters are portrayed well. Very entertaining story so far. I like the ongoing relationship between the main characters, it's very amusing. I need more chapters very soon to read ☺


I like the Female Lead's character. She's strong, witty, adventurous, and straightforward. I like the Male Lead as well. I only wish he's not like one of those elites who takes advantage of their sponsored student.


such a wonderful and interesting story... i really enjoyed reading this... hoping that more chapters will be posted soon... kudos for the author...❤❤❤


Reveal spoiler


Boop. Too lazy to write more. Two words, simply brilliant. Damn those 140 characters. Damn them again.Who do you think you are, twitter?? 😒


Amazing storyjng. I could NOT stop reading until the end. Strong female lead is the way to go! I can definitely relate to Sienna’s adventure. Motion picture please!


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