The Chronicles of Jadestone

Following the Era of Cataclysm, after the Era of Awakening, "The Invasive Foreigners Period," began. And I, Civil Jadestone De Valois, Son of Isaiah Tottrier De Valois, lost my mother and sister due to a war between foreigners and us, the native affliants(native humans with different races and ethnicities). The period lasted over seven years until a new Era rose, the Era of Reign. After subjugating the invasive species of profound humans, intelligent but more cruel and greedy, we, the affliants, were able to show our dominance and reign over the overly advanced humans from the other plane. The invasive foreigners were from another plane called Earth with only five human races; Negroid, Caucasoid, Australoid, Mongoloid, Capoid. Meanwhile, the Human species from Earth referred to our world as The De Grace of le Divine, and generally call our races Affliants. We had peace with them after their attempt of controlling our world but failed. But ever since my mother and sister died because of the foreigners, I began to despise them and grew meticulously, becoming one great knight. But the ceremonial of fate made me come back to the reality of my incompetency. The Paladin of Selection had determined my knighthood as futile, for I had no such talent in swordsmanship, therefore will be, at one point, unable to progress further as a large pinnacle blocks my way. After dedicating my whole childhood to swordsmanship, reality slapped my hopes and shoved it in my face that I was not fit to be a knight but instead a mage. It saddened me after all those years of becoming the best among the squires. Of course, my master, an expert Knight representative of the royal family, showed how displeased he was of my lack of innate ability. That was when I learned that the results of my achievements were all based on my efforts. And the Paladin of Selection knew that without talent, I would come to a point in my life where I have to give up. But will that really stop me from getting my revenge? No. I will walk the path gifted to me by the Gods and show the world the greatness they have yet to see from me. No dungeons, monsters, foreigners, competitors will be able to match me! I will become the greatest Elemental Necromancer! "Little did Jadestone know that the path of becoming the greatest was even more abstract than the path he had once taken before. Will he be able to beat and overpower his mortal enemies, Warlock of Fire and Chains, and the other Elemental Necromancers?" . . . . . . . Disclaimer: The art in my book cover isn't rightfully mine. If the creator of my book cover wants it taken down, I will gladly take it down. Copyright © 2020-2021 "Noc_Tristan" All rights reserved. - All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information story and retrieval system, without the Author's written permission, except where permitted by law.

MikeWright · Fantasy
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10 Chs

Season 1; The Dufortress Smithy.

( Dufortress Smithy )

What a shitty naming sense. I couldn't help but think of it that way.

The smithy in front of me wasn't what I had expected. It's rusty, old. Even the sign on the entrance "( Dufortress Smith )" is barely hanging. Not only that but there are also old anvils outside his shop and rusted hammers. There are also vines and moss growing up from the ground to the roof.

Moreover, the location of this smithy is deep within the forest. And this place is about two acres big, but this shop is about a size of a hut. Although the shop is small, it's connected to another building that seems to be living quarters.

I've been knocking all day at the front of the shop nonstop, but there seems to be no reply. I was feeling anxious. Is something happening inside? I could not help but ask myself.

Should I just barge in and check? Ugh! Fuck the consequences after. I've been knocking all afternoon!

"I'm going in!" I yelled out from the outside and kicked the door of the small smithy down to the ground.

In an instance, the smell of liquor traveled my nostrils like a breeze. The sound of hiccups was there as well.

A massive man with a large mug of ale on his hand laid his shoulder on an anvil while his body was dead-wasted. He reeked of alcohol, strong ale. He had an endless beard like someone who's never shaved for the last three years.

But he did not look old. There were no wrinkles on his face, and he was sound asleep. That's when I realized how terribly disorganized and wrecked his smithy was at the moment. The stench, the irresponsibility, the mess, and the tightness of the smithy were all too bothersome.

"How unbearable. And I'm supposed to get a favor or help from this man? Ridiculous." I muttered.

I turned my back at the man who I assume to be Eliot and roamed his stench-filled smithy. And boy, I was surprised.

Swords forged for killing, sharp edges, light but sturdy. I could not help but say that these creations are extraordinary. Different types of swords, spears, axes, and armor. If these were to be shown in the capital, it would have at least the price of three hundred gold coins, each!

Each molded into perfection. And if you're an experienced swordsman, you'll know at one glance that these forged swords aren't ordinary blades. These weapons in this smithy are considered "artificial egos."

Artificial Egos are weapons with such value and power that they become Egos that could choose their rightful holder. But to have an Ego, you either have compatibility with each other, or if the holder possesses dominance to force the Ego into submitting, or through mutual interest.

But Egos are, no doubt, sturdier and more powerful than ordinary weapons. As for accessory types of Egos, they enhance their holder's senses, attributes, or skills.

Although everything in his smithy is wonderfully made, it's too disorganized. Let's sort everything out and clean this whole place up. I just hope I don't see tens of bottles in his living quarters. It's five NDK right now in the afternoon.

NDK means nearing dusk. NDN means nearing dawn.

DDM is used when the time is between dawn to dusk. It means Dawn and Dusk of Morning.

DDN is used when the time is between dusk to dawn. It means Dusk and Dawn of Night.

From 8:00 in the night is when dusk is present. 8:00 in the morning is when dawn awakens. So from Dusk to Dawn, it will be nighttime. From 9:00 DDN to 7:00 DDM, it's when the moon provides the light. 18:00 DDM is midnight. And from 9:00 DDM to 7:00 DDN, it's when the sun provides the light. 18:00 DDN is noon. When it is 8:00 DDN, we call it dusk. When it is 8:00 DDM, we call it dawn.

So I am three hours away from dusk since it is 5:23 DDN, according to my timepiece, or what Earthlings call a "Watch." I've seen one of those before, except the time here works differently from there.

Ah, enough of these useless thoughts. Let's begin. I have to clean out all the garbage first inside the smithy and organize all the weapons. I also need to replace what's inside the furnace with new wood.

Okay. Let's speed this up.

I approached the drunk blacksmith and placed his shoulder across mine. I felt his weight push me down, but I immediately used my essence to withstand his weight. The smithy is connected to his living quarters through a door. And went I opened the door, another hell hole appeared before my eyes.

I saw his bed and carried him there.

"Haa...!" I gasped for air. This old man thinks he isn't heavy at all!

I stretched my arms, shoulders, and neck before going back into the smithy. I began taking out all the garbage outside, and about ten minutes, all unnecessary junk was outside. Now that I realize it, the smithy outside is too worn out. Although the walls are sturdy, they aren't perfect. Well, what do you expect from Gwarves who are only known for their smithing, not construction.

I can fix that after I organize what's inside the smithy. And just like that, twenty minutes of arranging and organizing passed. I then went into the old man's living quarters and began setting the misplaced furniture and things and throwing all the bottles and trash inside.

I then went outside and began making a hole to throw all the garbage and bury them, except for the glass. And went I looked behind from junk pit, I saw the worn out smithy entrance and the sign.

I began going into the forest and used an ax to cut some trees that were a perfect size. I separated the firewood from the wood I'll use in renovating the entrance of Dufortress Smithy.

I created another sign and carved the name of the smithy before hanging it above the entry door.

I started scraping off moss and vines from the walls and literally mopped the walls to make them look cleaner. I also replaced the old wood of the awning of the building entrance. I also separated the reuseable materials and did not throw them away.

It took about two hours, even with my essence helping me out. I was already drenched in sweat.

When dusk was nearing, I set fire in the furnace and lit the candles around the house. And also lit the lanterns of the poles surrounding the two acres of land.

I forgot. I had no food. Should I hunt or just go to a nearby Inn? Ah... let's not bother hunting. I don't even have materials to set down traps or a bow and arrow. Let's just leave a piece of note that I'll come back.

When I went outside with a portion of my pouch of money, I saw the beautiful sky of dusk time. The clouds had a pinkish color, and the clear sky had a purple-ish shade. And birds were flying from one place to another, and crickets began to sound around the forests.

I smiled at this kind of peaceful environment. I don't have to think of bandits or goblins or other monsters ready to grab the opportunity to kill and rob me. It wasn't the same as I felt in the dukedom, too. There, it was always lively and loud. But it was something I enjoyed.

I'm sure if Cassiel went here, she would definitely love it. Except that it won't have any luxurious benefits like food and a good bath. I smiled at the thought of my sister.

I approached Orleon and brushed my hand on his head. He was neighing and licking my hand. "Have you had your rest, Orleon?" I asked the horse, smiling. "Let's go to a nearby Inn. Then I'll leave you to rest after our purchase." I rode Orleon and started moving to the outskirts of Erast.

Although Dufortress Smithy is near Erast, it doesn't belong to the outskirts of the City of Erast since his location is outside in the forests.

"Hoho! Look at this. A young man riding at night!" a voice came out of the trees at the side of the dirt road.

"Such bravery!" said someone from the other side.

I stopped Orleon's march and came down. Bandits. It's a good thing I am already far away from the smithy.

"I dare not look for trouble, bandits," I announced.

Many voices of laughter came out from different trees. "You're making us sound like bad guys, young man!" the first voice spoke once again.

"Reveal yourself," I demanded.

They laughed and began coming out one by one behind the trees with arrogant smirks on their faces. I held the grip of my sword.

"Hohoho! Such bravery! Kill him." the man with dirty orange hair ordered calmly.

Then from different parts of my side, bandits came jumping from the trees. They all had a dagger or two ready to pierce my flesh. I unsheathed my sword and slashed the seven bandits that leaped at me with such confidence on their chests. Blood splattered all over me.

That guy in front of me is their leader. Etai, a wanted man I saw back inside the City Walls of Erast. A scar on his left eyebrow and right cheek.

Ah, a good opportunity has arisen. If I capture that bastard's head, I will receive a sum of money. If I remember, this guy is worth a hundred gold coins. With that many gold coins, I will have more money.

[ Alert Notification! ]