The Chronicles of Jadestone

Following the Era of Cataclysm, after the Era of Awakening, "The Invasive Foreigners Period," began. And I, Civil Jadestone De Valois, Son of Isaiah Tottrier De Valois, lost my mother and sister due to a war between foreigners and us, the native affliants(native humans with different races and ethnicities). The period lasted over seven years until a new Era rose, the Era of Reign. After subjugating the invasive species of profound humans, intelligent but more cruel and greedy, we, the affliants, were able to show our dominance and reign over the overly advanced humans from the other plane. The invasive foreigners were from another plane called Earth with only five human races; Negroid, Caucasoid, Australoid, Mongoloid, Capoid. Meanwhile, the Human species from Earth referred to our world as The De Grace of le Divine, and generally call our races Affliants. We had peace with them after their attempt of controlling our world but failed. But ever since my mother and sister died because of the foreigners, I began to despise them and grew meticulously, becoming one great knight. But the ceremonial of fate made me come back to the reality of my incompetency. The Paladin of Selection had determined my knighthood as futile, for I had no such talent in swordsmanship, therefore will be, at one point, unable to progress further as a large pinnacle blocks my way. After dedicating my whole childhood to swordsmanship, reality slapped my hopes and shoved it in my face that I was not fit to be a knight but instead a mage. It saddened me after all those years of becoming the best among the squires. Of course, my master, an expert Knight representative of the royal family, showed how displeased he was of my lack of innate ability. That was when I learned that the results of my achievements were all based on my efforts. And the Paladin of Selection knew that without talent, I would come to a point in my life where I have to give up. But will that really stop me from getting my revenge? No. I will walk the path gifted to me by the Gods and show the world the greatness they have yet to see from me. No dungeons, monsters, foreigners, competitors will be able to match me! I will become the greatest Elemental Necromancer! "Little did Jadestone know that the path of becoming the greatest was even more abstract than the path he had once taken before. Will he be able to beat and overpower his mortal enemies, Warlock of Fire and Chains, and the other Elemental Necromancers?" . . . . . . . Disclaimer: The art in my book cover isn't rightfully mine. If the creator of my book cover wants it taken down, I will gladly take it down. Copyright © 2020-2021 "Noc_Tristan" All rights reserved. - All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information story and retrieval system, without the Author's written permission, except where permitted by law.

MikeWright · Fantasy
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10 Chs

Season 1; A Callisto in Stark.

"There is... in the BootKeep Tavern near the outskirts of the city wall." the cloaked man coughs blood as he speaks.

BootKeep, I see. "Tell me the codex." A codex is a passcode phrase for entry in the alleyways. Information guilds or other factions use a codex for secrecy and security.

"This lad wants a mug of ale, is the codex for the information guild," he answered.

But the regular codex isn't what I am looking for. I want the Noble Codex. Noble Codex is for Nobles who demand invaluable information with utmost secrecy. "I need a Noble Codex," I ordered him.

His eyes widen, "I-I... okay. When you say the codex, you have to add, I want the finest of all, and then give the bartender a silver coin."

There it is. Good.

"Then, I'll leave you to tend to your comrades."

The cloaked man took off his hood, "Don't you want to know my name? Or maybe the reason why I am here?" he asked.

I stared indifferently at him, "It's not my business to linger on the Nora Family's business."

"What if the information I have could endanger the country?" he suggested, his face looked determined.

I turned to him. "Stop beating around the bush and spit it out."

He gulped. "The Noras are working with someone from Earthling who's been stationed here in le Divine. They are doing human trafficking and bringing in multiple Earthlings and criminals from here to Earth."

My face darkened. "Why would you tell me such ridiculously significant information?"

He hesitated for a moment but spoke, "I needed to tell someone and ask for help. I ran away from the Noras after knowing. I went to the guild to sell this information but got kicked out.

Before I left, I didn't want to be empty-handed, so I hired these useless buffoons. And I didn't want to carry this burden. I am sorry."

"You did what you had to do, and it was the right call." I sighed. "Keep it to your grave. If you give this kind of information to someone wrong, you might die." I said so and left.

When I continued to walk, I spotted the old daemi from earlier. The old daemi was hiding behind a barrel, shivering.

"Hey, old man," I called out.

He stood and saluted before me. "S-sir!"

"Do you want to earn some money?"

He gulped. "I have a wife and a kid, sir! I don't do shady business!"

"Hahaha. You're so good at joking, old man." I laughed and then turned serious, "Are you sure you won't do it? You know, you're a witness from this. I am a well-off man who can send assassins to eliminate your whole bloodline." I bluffed.

"Oh, dear God...!" he kneeled and started praying.

This old guy. Hahaha.

"Look. I want you to deliver a message to someone. It's a simple task." I smiled.

He backed away.

"I'm sure you heard what that guy said. I want you to go to the Dukedom of de Valois and report to the Duke. Tell him that Al sent you. Here, a gold coin. Once you arrive there, tell him what you heard. And tell him that you will start working for the family, okay? You can do that, can you?" I smiled.

"B-but my family, sir..."

"Bring your goddamn family! But know that I don't want you to take more than two weeks to arrive at the dukedom, understood? Because there will be people who will come for your head. Now go!" I pulled him up off the ground and pushed him out of the scene.

"I-I will fulfill my duty well, sir!" he ran off.

I laughed. I mean, that was quite harsh, but it was all a bluff, which makes it even funnier.

I then turned back and began going deeper into the alleyways.

Along the way, I met some group of alleyway gangsters and beat them up. I also caught thieves who tried to steal my money after bumping into me. Some were young, others were women, and some pretended to be drunk.

I got lost in the alleyways, so I had to ask the natives for information and direction after giving them a few silver coins. And when I was nearing, I saw the Inn sign outside a building. It was the BootKeep Inn.

The inside of BootKeep Tavern has many people cheering and drinking and singing and dancing. It was lively. I sat on the bar counter and spoke, "I want a mug of ale." smiling.

"Hmm." the bartender smiled while wiping a glass bottle.

"I want the finest of all," I added and threw a silver coin towards him.

The bartender caught the silver coin and bowed. The bartender placed the glass down and began to usher me. We went up on the staircase and into the hallways before stopping at the end of the hallway.

I entered the room.

There was a man behind a desk, looking all over many papers. The room was a library with no windows.

"A customer." the man with black hair and red eyes shifted his attention to me. He had a strong presence, obviously the body of a warrior. Even his eyes are as piercing as a veteran that came out of a war.

The man stood from his desk and went in front to sit on the couch before the desk. "Sit." he requested.

I slowly approached him while scanning his whole figure. He looked sketchy and powerful. He might not be someone I can handle.

"Please, don't be wary." he smiled. "Olie, bring us some coffee," he spoke. Then suddenly, a man in an assassin attire came out of the shadows. He bowed and left the room from the door.

I sat down. I did not sense anyone at all. This information guild isn't just some "guild."

"Tell me what you want, dear customer."

"Information on the movements of Duke de Valois," I spoke.

His eyes widen into shock but shift into a grin. "We do give out crucial information, but the requirement is that our customer is of high standing and can pay. Will you tell us who you are, dear customer?"

I smiled. "I am afraid I cannot without writing a contract first."

"I see. Well, it seems you know how these things work. We have a premade contract for the security and secrecy of our valued customers." he handed out a paper.

I took the contract off his hand and read it. The contents are satisfactory. You can see that they care for the security and secrecy of their customers, indeed. I signed the contract, then gave it to him, which he signed, too.

After the signing, I spoke. "I am Civil Alarie de Valois, the son of Duke de Valois. And yes, I have the money to pay this kind of information."

"I am Napoleon de Callisto, firstborn of the de Callisto." he introduced himself.

Hold on, What!

What's a Callisto doing in a city like Stark?