563 Chapter 563

Cadence was glowing, holding both of her babies, one in each arm. I smiled at her and then focused on Josephina. She wasn't crying now, but her little face was wrinkled as if she might burst into tears at any moment. Aaron had his hand on her back, beaming with pride as he looked at his little family. Jamie and another Healer, Ona, were cleaning up a tray table, but I caught his eye, and he winked at me. I hoped he could tell how grateful I was. If it wasn't for him and his life saving blue magical healing powers, not to mention his medical skills, Cadence never would've come back to life.

"Where's my new favorite lil girl?" Elliott asked beside me.

"Hey! I'm your lil girl. You're going to have to think of something else to call her." I threw an elbow at him.

"Oh, I'm just teasing," Elliott assured me. "Still, she is definitely lil. And she is my girl."

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