The Chronicles of a wonded healer

Author: Iman_Questa
Contemporary Romance
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What is The Chronicles of a wonded healer

Read ‘The Chronicles of a wonded healer’ Online for Free, written by the author Iman_Questa, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering REINCARNATION Fiction, COMEDY Light Novel, MAGIC Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: This fictional novel is about a story of a boy, who went on a journey to become a man, according to the African traditio...


This fictional novel is about a story of a boy, who went on a journey to become a man, according to the African tradition of the Namaqualand Nation, but still remained like a boy as he did not show growth physically from his looks like a Peter Payne, even as having a tender heart-as he searched for a father, and met wolves and lions, who recognized he was a gifted child, and went envious of him, betrayed him, even went as far as to bewitch him. The child was a gift from heaven, a light worker, who felt victim to circumstances which were part of his journey, as he dealt with sexuality issues, pride and all his own shortcomings that made him human. He follows prophecies about him echoed as a child, of enigma and glory to be revealed through him like Macbeth and the Oracles, and for this reason his persecutions counteracted what was given to him. The Namaqualand nation had become so brainwashed since the arrival of the Dutch land invasion of Jan Van Riebeeck in 1652, even as the prophet Nsikana have forewarned of the arrival of the Annuanaki Alines beyond the sea of Atlantis, and with them bringing a button without holes, and a black book covered in red on the side, which was the bible, and told them to take the book but not the button-which presented money, but the Namaqualand nation fell for the coin, and he prophesied to a woman who carried a bowl with water to pour it on the ground, as she did, he requested her to pick up the water again from the ground back to the bowl, inwhich the King Hansa at the receiving of this message, rebuked the prophet, as this was an impossible thing to do, so the prophet said ‘’Like this water, shall the nation be scattered and never again be brought back to its original glory’’. The bible itself was the opium of the masses, and with this did the Annunaki's use to control the mind of the oppressed, as they un-taught and re- taught the nation to prepare them to be slaves to the new system. A system that would bleed the Namaqualand, and paint their culture as barbaric and their African religions as demonic, and placing the Annuanaki as ‘’demigods’’, whilst Namaqua people were slaves at the bottom of the pyramid, without a soul and spirit, and had turned from their own ancestors who beckoned to them in dreams to come to them for healing, but could not, because the distance between them and who they were, was now a shadow and an echo in corridors of time. This story focus on the ancestral call of this boy, who started from church and hailed as a prophet, as his angel guided him with inspirations and mysteries which dazzled and wowed his audience everywhere he would go, but later ousted every time like a Lucifer from each Christian circles due to his great gifts and authoritative power for a child his age. He goes through a trauma of sickness, dis-ease, rejection, shame, and poverty, but he remained rich-rich with the richness of life as he wrote books, counseling and inspiring the young, singing songs of soul and spirituality. He reveals the brokenness of fatherhood and the distortion of African families who placed modern lifestyle above culture and heritage. In the spirit of Credo Muthwa the boy moves on with tales-“as he steals fire from the god’s’’, In the impeccable wisdom of Zen philosophy-from its expression of the watcher and the watched, a theory also greatly preached by J. Krinamartu and George Guardjief- so he brings us this fictional novel of a calling which rises in a time of Covid 19, and he becomes a rising star from the many of the ‘Sons of Ye’shua’ that are also called like him at that time- back to their ancestral roots, and that becomes a fulfillment of one of his prophecies.

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