The Chosen Successor Book

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The Chosen Successor


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The dark lord wreaked havoc and destroyed everything he sets his eyes on. The world was on the brink of destruction. The human kingdom, elven forest and even the dwarven mountains were destroyed. Almost half of the world's population was annihilated. The remaining survivors of different races banded together to stop the dark lord's rampant rampage. The hero who is also the king of humans and wielder of the holy sword managed to defeat the dark lord, but it did not happen without a price. For the hero also lost his life. The world was once at peace, but it will not last. Because an oracle prophesied that the demon lord will rise again and only the birth of a new hero who will be the successor of the holy sword can save the world from the calamity that might befall. *The photo in the cover is not mine. Copyrights to the owner.


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