The Chosen Phoenix Book

novel - Sci-fi Romance

The Chosen Phoenix


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"Hi. My name is Maya Rock. What's your name?". The girl with electric blue eyes asked. "My name is Phoenix Robinson". Phoenix replied as they walked together. "So Phoenix, what kind of powers do you have?." Maya asked as Phoenix gave her a questioning look. "You know is it fire, air, water or maybe even electricity just like me?". Maya showed her the sparks of electricity that came out from her hand almost scaring the life out of her. Phoenix was surprised. "Is this some kind of a trick? Did her father sent her here to learn magic tricks? Why is she even here?." Phoenix asked herself. She looked at the new world she is in now. She saw students flying without wings, some were creating snow balls out of water and ice, some were erupting rocks from the ground. She was stunned. "What exactly is this place?." she thought. "Are you saying you don't have powers?". Maya asked. Phoenix shook her head. "Then why are you here?". Maya asked. "I was wondering that myself". Phoenix told her.


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