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The Chase for Chastity


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"I love you!" Those were the words Cana spouted so wistfully, so dreamily, and so... sincerely deranged. Like the visionary person she was, she immersed herself in that idealistic world she self-constructed, caging herself in a mirage of roses. And Claude, the man she glanced upon, entrancing her with his otherworldly presence, was the target of her painfully crushing yet genuine affection. Cursing at his own breathtaking temperament; or his trait of undoing, this is the start of his thrilling adventure... or escape. Equipped with the defective ability to assimilate people's memories, the urge to murder and emulate them, and consequentially adept in makeup, how will he elude against the girl's unnaturally keen instincts and perverse physical capabilities? A chase of two people, arranged by the mischievous string of fate. A battle of wits, their conflicting characters and variably acting luck—can Claude convince Cana to fall out of love and achieve freedom, or be met with his demise and succumb to her feelings? What will their future entail?


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