52 Great Road Ahead

Within Cain and Kali's internal bodies, an incredible scene was occurring. In the lower parts of their stomach, right next to their dantian, a small core was stimulating into existence.

This Core seemingly dug out of Cain and Kali's flesh and organs, as if it was there ever since they were born.

Of course, these Cores were the sibling duo's Spirit Core!

A Spirit Core is what a dantian is to a cultivator. This would be their source of power and life.

With this Spirit Core, Cain and Kali could forever use Spirit Energy and potentially reach higher forms of Spirit Energy in the future.

Under this great news, how could Cain and Kali not be excited?

Kali just knows in the future, they could become even more monstrous than they're already are!

She could already predict it. A day where she and her brother wouldn't even need to lift a finger to slay all those who dare to foolishly challenge Dragons. All she needs to do is speak a few words, and thousands of other experts would be willing to do so!

That thought was incredibly enticing.

While Kali found great joy in fighting, she could also see immense satisfaction in dominating other powerhouses with similarly high amounts of pride.

And all of this will start once their Spirit Cores form.

As for Cain, he had slightly different thoughts about the whimsical way of Spirit Energy.

He, of course, wants the immense power and status behind this energy. It'll be another asset for him to use to achieve his own goals.

But, there was one other aspect about Spirit Energy that intrigued him far more than power. That is its extreme similarity to technology back in his previous world.

Hell, Cain noted it didn't just stop at being similar. There were things that Spirit Energy does far better than mortal electronic technology.

By learning this power, could he possibly bring over all of his other small hobbies?

And furthermore, could he also connect to a form of the internet in this universe?

The internet idea got Cain especially curious. Just imagine, if he could hold the ability to gain all the information he wants within this universe, how quickly could his cultivation grow?

Cain couldn't make an accurate assumption as of now. But he had hoped this all would be true. His life would become even greater if it all was.

And at this time, while the sibling duo was immersed in their daydreams, the ghost was immersed in their Spirit Cores.

His senses specifically concentrated on their Spirit Cores, noting every little detail of their formations. And as the seconds quickly slipped by, the ghost found his expectations broken again and again.

'This….how can their Spirit Cores grow so big already? I'm only just awakening them, and yet it's so dense! And as if this wasn't mysterious enough, the boy's Spirit Core is perfection rainbow while the girl is Void cyan. Even for God Galaxies, this is just too strange.'

Indeed, the cause for the ghost's shock was because of Cain and Kali's Spirit Cores' colors and shapes.

With the ghost's expansive knowledge, he's aware that normal Spirit Cores are the size of a mere seed when first created. The color would also simply be a dim white glow.

When recalling one's with great innate talent, none of them were that exaggerated.

The ghost could remember a top-tier talent only having a Spirit Core the size of a small ball and their color being a completed shade of green.

That saddling did indeed go on to become a top-tier World Spirit Master in the future. But when comparing that talent to Cain and Kali, they seemed massively lacking.

Cain's Spirit Core was at least triple the size and gained a color significance rarely seen before.

Rainbow perfection.

Nobody no for sure how one's innate talent can achieve rainbow perfection.

Not even the God Galaxy ghost knows much about rainbow perfection. But what he does knows is that Cain essentially has no limits. Thus, the pureness of a rainbow represents a great long road for Cain.

He may have the potential to even reach Godly levels of World Spirit Force!

Not even counting Cain's Martial Talent, this feat alone could frighten any God-level expert silly.

As for Kali, her results were only slightly less exaggerated. Her Spirit Core was half the size of Cain and was in a bright golden glow. For her innate talent, she would reach a clear limit.

But this limit is at least in the Godly levels!

Two potential God-level World Spirit Force masters….how can anyone just let these two go?

The ghost couldn't believe it. So he assumed that these two must have some particular situation going on around them that allows them to go unnoticed.

However, since they were going unnoticed, the ghost suddenly thought of something. His eyes flashed with hope as he came close to finishing Cain and Kali's Spirit Cores awakening.

Ten more minutes quickly passed by.

And at this time, Cain and Kali's bodies violently shook.


A massive burst of energy frantically rushed out from their Spirit Core, soaring straight into their souls and Qi Seas!

Upon their Spirit Core completion, an overabundant of pure energy couldn't be contained within it. And because their entire bodies was already refined by Spirit Energy, this remaining pure energy rushed right Cain and Kali's most precious spots.

Sensing this occurring, the ghost wasn't that surprised. What was a bit surprising was the great quantity of energy the sibling duo was receiving.

This amount of pure energy would've been enough for an average cultivator to jump several levels in their cultivation all at one go.

However, for Cain and Kali, it was just barely rising their Nascent Auras to the fourth level.

The ghost paid intent attention to this breakthrough. Not only did they have high World Spirit talent, but their Martial Talent is also similarly unique, it seems.

At this time, Cain and Kali felt their souls strengthen beyond their normal limits. Unfortunately, it didn't reach a new boundary of soul prowess. But, their souls were now far stronger than the ordinary cultivator.

What truly got enhanced from this pure energy was the sibling duo's Qi Seed.

The pure energy continually absorbed into it, rapidly strengthening at a quicker rate than what Cain and Kali could achieve solely on their own.

Then, in just mere seconds, Cain and Kali's Qi Sea and Seed violently quake.

The aura of a fourth-level Nascent Formation master gushed out of the sibling duo like a thunderous storm!

Cain and Kali's subconsciously gripped their hands. Their joints crackled with raw power, causing audible pops to echo out in the boundless blue space.

Slowly, Cain and Kali adjusted to their new breakthroughs. As they stabilized themselves, their powerful Nascent Auras receded back into their bodies.

When their energies finally became calmed, Cain and Kali flung their eyes wide open.

"Ah~! Now, this is a pleasant surprise. We broke through in two fields at the same time." Kali's expression was full of smiles.

Now with her Spirit Core awakens, she felt like she was on cloud nine. Her current energy completely trumps her previous self in every way!

In direct contrast to Kali's excitement, Cain's gaze turned curious. He promptly asked for future reference,

"Now that we reached this step, how do we go about getting stronger? Unfortunately, we don't have any sort of guide on this."

Hearing his question, the ghost instantly snapped from his stupor.

He forced down all of the shocks still coursing in his mind and calmly told the sibling duo, "Right, now that you have a Spirit Core, you'll need to divulge your senses deep inside of it. Your comprehension and perception abilities will decide how long it will take you to seek out the Spiritual Dimension. The Spiritual Dimension is what you can be called the force of all Spirit Energy. Once you can fully perceive the Spiritual Dimension, you'll need to create an energy link with it, and this will allow you to comprehend and absorb even stronger Spirit Energy. You'll know when you're reaching a new level threshold when you experience a mental block similar to Qi cultivation."

The ghost paused, allowing Cain and Kali to take in his lengthy explanation. Once he saw that they understood, the ghost continued to speak.

"Now remember one thing, World Spirit Masters numbers are much less than cultivators. And even when one becomes a World Spirit Master, the road to increasing their power is just as arduous. One thing you two must remember is that your body needs to be strong enough to hold higher levels of Spirit Energy. If not, you can risk destroying yourself. It doesn't matter how you reach later cultivation levels, but you must have a powerful enough body to hold each level of Spirit Energy."

"I see…." Cain and Kali were already faintly aware of this idea. Now they just understood the whole reasoning behind it.

But before continuing on, one thought struck Cain's mind. "You say we need a powerful body, right? Does it matter if we use Qi energy or energy that directly promotes one's bodily strength?"

"Bodily strength?"

The ghost was a little taken aback. He quickly thought it over before saying, "Well, it's quite rare for a person to hold Spirit, Qi, and Bodily energy all at once. But yes, if a cultivator has powerful enough Bodily energy, they can also hold stronger Spirit Energy."

This got Cain curious. As of right now, he had no method to practice Bodily cultivation.

But with his innate Dragon Body, Cain was sure he could excel in this department as well. And perhaps even promote this energy quicker than his Qi cultivation.

However, these were all future thoughts, and Cain noted this to the back of his mind.

"Alright, alright. Now that we know the method, is there anything specific we should do before creating this energy link?" Kali questioned.

For a moment, the ghost thought it over before a resolute light flashed within his eyes.

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