The Changed World Book

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The Changed World


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I felt myself drowning in this thing called power, I felt my heart crack under the pressure and my mind run haywire. Tears threatened to spill from the bleakness of what was now my soul. I was broken, so broken and it was all because I couldn't handle this brewing THING inside of me. Why? That was the question I asked myself every day, why? Why was I so powerful? Why was I so alone? Why was there no one there for me? why? Why? WHy? WHY? WHY!?!?? Couldn't I just be loved? Couldn't I just be happy? Was that too much to ask? Or would I have to deal with this overwhelming... THING that squirmed around inside, that felt like it would explode if someone made the wrong move. Could it just leave me alone? Or would This silence in my head forever destroy me?


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