The Chains of History Book

novel - Fantasy

The Chains of History


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The world is torn between two peoples, those that dwell on the surface in Elusile and those that dwell beneath in Drakenth. Long ago there was peace, however as civilization grew and the many nations above began to flourish, war ultimately broke out. Although both sides suffered greatly, Elusile won out in the end, robbing Drakenth of once fertile lands, exiling them deeper underground, and forever branding its people as the Slumbering. The wounds of war may have healed and been forgotten with the passage of time by the peoples of Elusile, but they have never been forgotten by the people of Drakenth, where they have slowly festered within the hearts and souls of those forced to wallow in darkness. Soon those scars will split open once more, and burst forth from the chasm, bringing bloodshed to Elusile... But this time, the Slumbering will bring them to their knees are fall to extinction while trying.


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