The CEO Is Mine Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The CEO Is Mine


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Kim Nana is a 27-year-old woman who is still single. She is the best graduate on campus, with all the perfect honors attached to her. However, that makes it difficult to find a mate. Moreover, the trauma caused her almost did not to believe in the name of love. Until many times matchmaking offers consistently failed. It wasn't enough to stop there because her boss, a masher, made Kim Nana forced to lose her job. And it makes Nana even more frustrated. Until one day, Fang Yin—Nana best friend, provides information if her company needs a secretary. It didn't take long, and Nana was finally accepted to work there. And who would have thought, a young man led this advanced and prestigious company. Han Soo Jun, the company owner, is not the kind of guy who is accessible. He is the kind of older man and always wants everything to go perfectly without the slightest flaw. His orthodoxy often makes Nana clumsy to make. There were small debates that made Nana getting used to Soo Jun. Moreover, one of the Soo Jun diseases requires Nana to interact with her boss constantly. Will the two of them fall in love? Or will their relationship end just as a working relationship?


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