1 After Her!!

Camala rolled lazily from one side of the bed to another as she seemed stressed out from the clubing all night,she is lying on a single bed which she shared with her best friend Flora, they've both been living in a shabby looking house in one of the slums in New York City.

Camala and Flora had been best friends since they both could remember, infact they left the Orphanage home at the same time, when they both turned eighteen and felt they could handle their business themselves,they went into the city and started doing all sort of odd job's, Camala became a pole dancer in the Dejavu club where her bestie worked as a bar attendant, they've both been pushing life till now, as both ladies where turning twenty one very soon.

Flora had to sleep over with one of her numerous boyfriend, leaving Camala to sleep alone,ray's of light from the rising sun where finding their way through the window pane, streaming on her, which made her roll lazily on the bed not wanting to get off the bed.

"F**k.....,get off that bed this instant",Flora screamed as she rushed into the room pulling off her hill's and half naked dress.

"uhhm..., you're back?", Camala muttered sitting herself up on the bed as she tried to rub sleep off her eyes with her palm.You can imagine her to be sleeping beauty,her long wavy golden colored hair spread out on her back,she had the brain and the body any man would love to worship, although she didn't have the chance to attend highschool,she learnt to live life the hard way, she is a very bold lady who doesn't tolerate any rubbish from anyone even though a lot of people saw her as a slut,she knew how to fight for her right and that is what she has been doing.

"As you can see",Flora replied eyeing Camala.

"How was it?", Camala questioned with her legs folded up and her chin resting on her knees waiting to hear a hot gist from her friend.

"seriously..!?, stupid girl", Flora cursed throwing a pillow at Camala."Ya supposed to be getting set for the interview remember",

"jeez....,i can't believe I forgot", Camala screamed running across the room into the bathroom.

Camala was already feeling suffocated by the way the workers in the company she applied for the job of a cleaner where passing at her,the receptionist lady has been looking at her with disgust since she entered the place,she was making it obvious that she didn't like her None of this is Camala fault,I meant Camala was heavenly bestowed with beauty and any lady would feel threatened by her presence, even though she doesn't wear much classic things,she was always looking attractive in everyone's eyes.Her beauty has also lead to jealousy against her by her fellow workers, which has made her to loose her job's several times because she always end up getting framed for acts which she knows nothing about,so pole dancing was the only job she sticked at,but the money she gets from it isn't enough to meet her needs,as she only danced at night she had to go in search of a day job.

"Ma'am, the boss would be seeing you now",A young guy in glasses announced, seems to be the personal assistant of the boss.Camala sighed softly before she followed him.

Camala's eyes observed the big office room she was in right now,she wondered why the owner of the company has to see a cleaner before she is offered the job,Akward.....,but that's none of her business as long as she would be getting paid.

"sir she's here",The personal assistant announced her arrival to the boss who was focused on his system.

"Alright",The young guy behind the big desk replied without raising his head from his System to have his assistant disappear into thin air.

Camala was now getting tried as she had been left standing since the assistant left,and the man behind the table didn't see her fit to offer her a sit.After giving some body language but got no reply.Camala boldy walked up to a sit and sat down in front of the boss.

"And who said you can sit?"The boss who had been playing busy questioned sternly,he wasn't being nice at all and from the look of things,he and Camala wouldn't be getting on well.

"sir I thou....".

"Get out!!", Louis who had met Camala before and was turned down by her when he asked for her sex service, yelled at her angrily as realization hit him,Camala was a bit startled.


"I said leave my office", Louis yelled again,and Camala was suddenly on her feet's.

"who the fuck do you think you are, yelling like a mad dog at me?", Camala questioned glaring dagger's at Louis.

"Pardon but where u talking to me?", Louis questioned in disbelief.

"Nope..., ain't I the only one in this room?", Camala replied mockingly.

"you are fired!!",

"pppfftt", Camala burst out laughing.

"And what's so funny?", Louis questioned angrily.

"You are fired", Camala mimicked"Stupid fellow's like you,feel like you can ride on anyone and get away with it, but you are so darn wrong mister, to hell with you and your company", Camala fired kicking recklessly the chair closest to her and stormed out angrily,she didn't listen to the gossip about her as it was obvious some jobless workers where gossiping about her.

Camala was just exiting the company when a young man entering sited her and called her Clara.

"Clara", Dieago whispered on seeing Camala,he was first in doubt but his eyes were sure not playing any tricks on him, that must be his long lost girlfriend Clara,so without another thought Dieago went after the angry Camala.


"Clara", Dieago y softly as he caught Camala's swinging hand,to have her turn to stare at him in dismay.

"Clara,Clara", Dieago repeated in disbelief."l--l--l thought I lost you, where went you?,why did you leave like that?,you look different, what happened to you my love?", Dieago bombarded with question as he spinned Camala around to scan her look properly.

"Boss ....",Two young guys, looking like bodyguards called panting heavily as they've both been running after their boss who just took off like a mad dog.One of them was about saying something but stopped when the unbelievable happened.

Camala who has been breathing out invisible fire,and was feeling pissed off sent an hot slap across Dieago's cheek as she angrily freed her hand from his grip.Both guards were stricked dume by the site as their boss has never been hit by anyone more less by a lady.

"How dare you?", Camala glared eyeing this stupid looking guy who looks like those rich folks who were up to no good.

"Clara",Was the only word that came out of the mouth of a tear filled eyes Dieago.

"is our boss crying?", Oliver the guard who loved chit chat leaned in to whisper into Michael's ears.

"I'd keep shut,if I were you", Michael advice and Oliver had to unwillingly save chit chat for another time.

Dieago eyes were filled up with tears of joy but others would think otherwise,he just stood scanning his long lost love,her vioce a bit harsh ,her hair now long,and her eyes filled with determination,she had change a lot and he just couldn't help the tears.

"What happened to you, what did they do to you?", Dieago questioned worriedly as he made to hold Camala but she was quick to step back in time causing Dieago to stop his moves.

"What do you want from me?", Camala questioned feeling tensed as she stared straight at Dieago.

"Clara you don't remember me?", Dieago questioned in disbelief.

"Am Clara mister,I go by the name Camala,so if you don't want a sex service,or to offer a well paid job get lost!!", Camala blurted out, before storming away.

"What are you waiting for!?,after her!!", Dieago screamed to have the two poor young guards on their heels again.

Dieago was now sitted inside the Iconic company,one of his own company which he left in the care of his trusted friend Louis.

"Buddy what is it with you today?"Louis questioned offering Dieago a glass of wine, which he waved off and picked up a document on the desk,to fill his eyes with."We've made a lot of progress here you see boss other companies are calling to patner with us as we would soon go public", Louis chipped in proud of himself.

"That's.....", Dieago was interrupted by the two guards who rushed in."Where is she?",he questioned immediately in a standing position.

Both guards had to exchange suprise glances as worried lines started dancing on their faces,who knew their today would turn out this bad.

"sir...sir....", Oliver stammered.

"We didn't bring her along boss", Michael completed.

"And why didn't you??", Dieago fired.

"She..she..we..we", Oliver stammered again.

"You didn't ask us to,and we lost her", Michael replied boldly staring blankly at the floor waiting prolly waiting for it to open up and swallow him before the boss does.

"The both of you are useless", Dieago cursed as he threw Lious system to the floor in rage.

"What's going on here?,care to share with ya friend?", Louis questioned.Dieago had based his life in Chicago there he met Clara in high school and dated her for three years before she suddenly went missing,he tried finding her with her forster parents but it was futile.He had been searching for her since then until he met her today, although Louis knew he had a girlfriend he didn't get to see or know her so....

"I saw Clara", Dieago finally breathed out.

"Ya long lost girlfriend!?, where's she!", Louis questioned in anxiety.

"They lost her", Dieago replied to have both guards bury their head down in shame.

"Where did you see her?", Louis questioned again.

"Outside the company", Dieago replied feeling perplexed.

"Oops,i guess she will show up some other time,so chill", Louis encouraged.

"People don't just show up,and she looked upset and disgusted by this place, like she wouldn't step a feet here even in her worst nightmare, it also seemed like she came out of the company", Dieago added being reasonable.

"Anybody can come to the company", Louis said being a bit reluctant.

"Guy's to the camera room now", Dieago ordered as it seemed like he had regained back all his faith and energy.

The guy in charge of the camera room had a replay of the past hours and Camala was seen sitted quietly in the receptionist room with people and workers sneering at her in disgust.

"That's her ", Dieago announced happily, pointing at the girl Louis just drove mad an hour back cheerfully.The video was paused and zoomed so her features could be seen clearly.

"You mean, that's her?", Louis questioned doubtfully.

"Yes...,yes,she looks a bit different..,but it's Clara", Dieago said as if reassuring himself.

"Akward...", Louis said almost silently.

"What!?,u Know her?,cus that would be a lot of help to me", Dieago questioned hastily.

"No....,I don't..., but relax", Louis lied to save his head.

"Get someone to run a background check on her,and send it to me this night", Dieago ordered.

"Really...,I got a lot of office work...", the look Louis received from Dieago shut him up immediately.

"Clara", Dieago repeated,still staring at the screen with a promising smile plastered on his face.

"How sure are you that it's her?", Louis said interrupting Dieago's train of thoughts.

"Are you questioning my sight?",

"Nope dude.., from the story,she just disappeared where everyone has been worried about her,and now she's here,now she's not...", Louis said running out of words.

Michael and Oliver couldn't help but snickered but the dagger glare from their boss sent them out of the room.

"I need the info this night, your assistant can manage things as he always does", Dieago pointed out on a serious note before leaving Louis to ponder in his own world of doubts.He still couldn't believe that, that rude a** bitch he kicked out of his office was or is Dieago's girlfriend, there must be a misunderstanding somewhere,he said in his thought as he left for his office.

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