122 Promises

Jiang Yue let out a low laugh before it evaporated from her eyes. Then her eyes narrowed as she stared at Old Man Wu again.

"You will regret this old man. I will let you regret this."

Everyone heard Jiang Yue's statement and a lot of them wonder why her demeanor changed suddenly. What could have happened? Why is she threatening someone now?

"Stop making threats Miss Jiang. I don't know why you would suddenly target me but let me tell you something. I don't fear any threats. Especially not from an immature inexperience individual like you." Old Man Wu said while trying to compose himself.

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"Oh... I don't make threats Old Man. I make promises. Not threats! Remember that." Jiang Yue answered before placing the laptop on the tech personnel hands. The laptop has already served its purpose, so she is returning it to its rightful owner.

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