The CEO's Wife is a Demon Cultivator?! Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The CEO's Wife is a Demon Cultivator?!


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Analyn worked at a grocery store every morning, dealing with annoying lecherous customers, but at night the demon inside of her revealed itself. She went to places with powerful men who regularly tried to lure her into their beds, however, she was a complete menace to them and regularly caused them to cry at the end of their session. Unfortunately, in order to survive, she had to take the extremely degrading job of being a female dual cultivation cultivator, regularly helping powerful men cultivate while trying to keep them out of her pants. Regularly, they'd try and do more than just hold her hands, and often times she'd have to show them the true power of her cultivation! However, with lecherous men, comes the responsibilty of being able to beat them down. This was her overall thought process until she met the extremely handsome and charming prince of her favorite cultivation manual company. Romel Brown was the type of man she always dreamed of, however, he appears to be the one man she's not able to completely control! "Please... please don't let me fall for his tricks! If his hands touch me again, I'm afraid I might sink into his heart forever..." In his mind, however, is a much different story... He's fascinated with her because of her resemblance to someone he met in his past life. To him, she's nothing more than a toy he can use to play with, but she's not the type to be toyed with! "Hmph, keep trying to tease me and I'm going to bite you!"


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