The CEO's Savior: Skye and Jasper Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

The CEO's Savior: Skye and Jasper


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Jasper Knights was the CEO of the JK Corps. He was drugged by his ex-girlfriend with thioridazine (type of anti-psychotic drug). As a result, he became blind. He was brought to a hotel room which belonged to a young doctor, Skye Zhang, who was vacationing in Switzerland. The young doctor decided to take care of him for the night without knowing his true identity. For the past four years, Jasper Knights desperately wanted to find the young girl who saved his life that night. He didn't know who the young girl was but he still remembered her voice and scent. Skye Zhang was a young cardiac surgeon at St. Gabriel Hospital in Shanghai. She is the second daughter of the rival company's director, CEO Zhang Lu, who was responsible for his father's death. One evening, Jasper was at a night party when a group of gangs crashed into the place causing numerous damages. Unable to see, a mysterious girl saved him from a gunshot wound. Will Jasper be able to accept Skye despite of his painful past and trust Skye?


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