18 Wang is a good actor

Wang's logic was able to silent Barbara for a few minutes. Both of them sipped water from their respective glasses kept in front of them on the table.

"Ms. Barbara, listen to me very carefully! I am looking for someone.. who's real. I understand that the word 'fake' sounds a little harsh. So, I'd rather call you 'not real'," explained Wang to the visibly disturbed Barbara.

"Listen to me, dear Wang. Now.. this is going to be a little harsh for you.. you are going to loose a wonderful chance.. chance of being a social media celebrity," exclaimed Barbara with her head held high in pride.

"Wow! You are offering me this relationship, like an employer would offer a job. Excuse me! Forget about being a 'couple of the year', people are going to call me 'stupid of the year', if I accepted this proposal," jabbed Wang with determined look in his eyes. "Do you think I'm like that? I'd marry someone to get myself a few stupid followers on social media.. Wow!" rebuked an angry Wang as he took another sip from the glass of water.

Wang had always been extremely good at his anger management. But, this blonde, got on his nerves so fast. He knew that he had to calm himself down. "I apologize for my outburst. I just hope I've made my point successfully," sighed Wang.

"No! No need to apologize, Wang. And let me tell you, you are certainly not like that. That's not what I meant," comforted Barbara, who had decided to be more careful with her words now. "I am looking for a real relationship too. Nothing fake!" continued Barbara with a sad face and puppy-like-sad eyes.

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Aunt Ning, who had been watching everything that was happening, gulped down a glass of water, as her anxiety levels rose.

All of a sudden, Barbara, who was lost again.. in a world of her own, shouted with excitement. "Talking of a 'real relationship'.. hasn't it started already? I just realized that we had the first fight of our relation... just like real couple.. real husband and wife. Yay !!! I'm so excited," babbled Barbara as she clapped her hands with excitement. "OMG! We just fought like a real couple! Isn't this so lovely?" asked Barbara in a super-excited tone.

Wang's eyes were wide open with surprise. He laughed out loud, in frustration and hopelessness. The blonde never seemed to quit. Wang could not believe what he had just heard. Barbara was too desperate. Before Wang could control himself, Barbara spoke again.

"Can we just go to some another place?" asked Barbara. "You see! I don't like wearing the same clothes after a little time. I always carry new clothes in the back of my car. I have them now as well. I'll go and change and then we can visit another place. I love to explore new places, new pubs.. clubs.. parties. And my rule book says - New place, new dress," gushed Barbara.

"You're kidding!" replied Wang as he sat before Barbara with his eyes wide open in surprise.

"Can we explore new places? Please.. Please. Come on!!" requested an over-excited Barbara as she placed her hand on Wang's right hand that rested on the table.

Wang slid back his hand, back to his pocket. "You're joking! This has to be a prank.. or something. This can't be real!" exclaimed Wang who was still in shock.

"What are you talking about?" asked Barbara.

Their interaction was interrupted by a crimson haired, cute waitress - Lina.

"Hello Sir! Hello Madam! What would you like to have?" asked Lina as Wang's face turned towards her. He shifted his gaze towards the grey colored name badge that was pinned on the waitress's dress. It had 'Lina' written, in red, on it. "Did you have a look at the menu?" continued Lina.

Wang was too desperate to end this date. He wanted to run away from this place, and from Barbara. All his strategies had failed. Barbara was too desperate.

Wang decided to try another tactic.

Wang looked at Lina, again, as he stood from his seat. "Lina! My darling! Where have you been? Have you been busy working today?" asked Wang as he looked into the eyes of the crimson haired waitress who stood there confused of what was happening. "I'm so.. sorry, my love. This is not what it looks like. This is just a lunch, nothing like a date or something.. I hope you can understand," explained Wang to the confused and scared Lina.

Lina, Barbara and Aunt Ning were dumbstruck. Barbara frowned. Aunt Ning pulled her hair in frustration.

"W..w.. what is happening?" asked a visibly disturbed Barbara as she stood from her chair. "Who's she?" she continued.

"I'm sorry. I had no idea I would meet my girlfriend here," replied Wang as he took hold of Lina's hand to walk outside the restaurant. "I'm so sorry. I need some air. I'm getting too stressed," continued Wang as he asked Lina to walk outside with him.

Lina, who was too confused to think, tried to get her hand away from Wang's grip. Wang held her tightly, with his right arm at her back. Lina tried to get away, but Wang wouldn't let her leave his grip. "I said.. I'm sorry, Lina. Don't behave like this with me. I told you, this is not a date," said Wang smilingly as he held her tightly in his arms.

Wang looked at Barbara, as he held Lina close to him. Barbara was disturbed and angry at the same time. He knew his plan worked well. "Barbie.. Err.. Barbara, I'm sorry.. for all this. I know you are hurt. This behavior of mine is not acceptable. I should not be forgiven," said Wang as he held Lina tightly in his arms. "I behaved like an animal.. and I should not be forgiven. Please, never forgive me for this. Please!" insisted Wang.

Lina tried again to get away from Wang, but Wang held her tightly.

"Please, don't ever forgive me, Barbara. You deserve someone better," yelled Wang as he forced Lina to walk with him towards the exit door, smiling proudly of having gotten rid of Barbara, finally.

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