2 Wang Fashion House

'Wang Fashion House' is where every fashion conscious sales person in the world wants to work. This is the biggest Fashion Design company in China. They are one of the hottest fashion stores in the country. Their shooting studio is famous for its shoots & launchings of the most unique clothing range, designed and created just for those fashion crazy people.

Located in Shanghai - The commercial hotspot of the nation, a huge office infrastructure, Wang Fashion House, famous for it circular design, and extreme scale have earned the structure a media nickname "The UFO".

An area full of hustle and bustle, roads full of Mercs & Audis, company employees boarding buses and departing from the nearby bus station. Wang Fashion House has the largest parking in the world. Parking is located both underground and in two large parking structures accommodating approximately 30,000 employees.

Wang Fashion House has seen some criticism for the perceived extravagance of its new headquarters, as well as its perfectionist approach to its design and construction. And while people continue to criticize.. a black sports car stops in front of the main entrance of the office.

Stepping out of the car -

Mr. Wang,

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Wang Fashion House

And one of the most powerful men of the nation.

Whether hitting the red carpet or city streets or his office's entrance, Mr. Wang has made some serious style moves this year.

Stepping out of his car, Mr. Wang moves towards the lobby of his professional empire. His striking blue suit truly makes his eyes pop, The blank canvas of a crisp white shirt with an eye-catching graphic-print tie. He always seems to break his own fashion records. While you may think that it cannot get fashionably better than this, wait till you see him the very next day.

The kind of looks he had, were he not a part of the management, Mr. Wang would have ruled the modelling world.

Mr. Wang is a tall man, well over 6ft, good looking, very handsome. Broad shouldered, tanned, a full head of wavy black hair, trimmed beard, there was a scar on his left cheek that added to his looks. Whether formally dressed, or wearing a T shirt, or even in his pyjamas, he looked relaxed, happy and at peace with himself.

Mr. Wang is the biggest shareholder and the CEO of the company, probably the youngest ever at the level he was at.

Wang was a truly a self made man, top of the pile at university, a brain that was so sharp, a photographic memory, totally committed to what he was doing. He had joined the management, not because he was a shareholder. No, he had joined them because he wanted to lead, he wanted to take the company to the top, and in his life plan, become what he now was, at such a young age - The boss! The CEO! The Fashion icon!

At such a young age, he had joined the board, he was phenomenal, his ideas over the years had made the company what it now was, he had generated billions in turnover and profits.

He demanded total loyalty from all the staff. His most endearing quality was looking after lower staff. He would often go out in the field, all over the world, and join in, not may people knew who he was, but he would listen, and things would change when he got back.

Some senior managers would try and go against him, citing the costs, and profit margins; he would get annoyed and say - "Don't you realize that they are the profit and costs, without them, and modern technology, we wouldn't be here. YOU! wouldn't be here, on the salary that you are!"

He was also a workaholic, long days and nights, every weekend, he took time off when he had to, he had to attend many functions globally, he regarded them as his holiday.

But his biggest asset was, he didn't do hands on every day tasks, he kept control of his desk.

But he left the day to day running of the business with the board, but there was nothing he didn't know about. He would intervene many times, tweaking this, stopping that, turning things, making them better, adding ideas of his own, no one ever doubted him, they were allowed to contradict him, but it was extremely few in times he had been proved wrong. It was understood, that if Wang said something, Wang was right.

Escorting Mr. Wang was his beautiful personal assistant, Stacy, who wore a shining white dress, carried a laptop and briefed Mr. Wang of his present day's work priorities and reminders.

"Mr. Wang, we should work on our concept of robotic fashion models. This would be the first in the world and is going to be a huge success," said Wang's assistant. "You have a meeting with Mr. Thomas and his partners in 15 minutes. They are waiting for a response from you regarding the investors meet," she continued, as both of them speedily walked towards Mr. Wang's office.

Mr. Wang never wasted his time. While moving towards his office, he always took the path from where he could have a glimpse of his employees working in their respective cabins. And when I say Mr. Wang's glimpse, it means a complete observation.

"What is this?" asked Wang to an employee working in one of the cabins.

The lady in blue top stood from her seat to greet the CEO.

"What is what, Mr. Wang? I am sorry, I don't understand." asked the employee.

"Why are these drawings all scattered? I can see them scattered from outside the cabin, while you cannot see it seating right next to it. Have respect for your work" said Wang in a dominating tone, as he continued to walk towards his office.

Mr. Wang's secretary continued with her briefing. "Sir, your aunt, Mrs. Ning, called you 4 times in the morning." said his PA, Stacy.

"Why is coffee machine installed here? Get it installed in the common room. I don't want employees wasting their times drinking more coffee just because it is easily accessible." said Mr. Wang while completely ignoring his aunt and her calls.

"Sir, Mr. Smith ordered to get this coffee machine installed here," said the assistant dressed in a knee length Gucci white dress.

"Mr. Smith doesn't drink coffee. And if he does, tell him it is not good for his health," said Wang as he continued to walk towards his office. "I'm going to Paris this week, book me a ticket asap," orders Mr. Wang.

"Sir, your aunt is calling again.. Sir.. ...Mrs. Ning is calling.. Excuse me sir.." said Stacy, but Mr. Wang completely ignored her words and goes into his office.

Mr. Wang's PA looked at the mobile again. Not sure what to respond to Mr. Wang's aunt, the PA decided to ignore the calls.

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