16 Wang’s lunch date

Just outside the restaurant's main entry ..

A black car stopped, Bugatti's La Voiture Noire. The driver, Robin, unlocked the door of the gleaming black luxury sports car, a majestic vehicle and a prized possession of Wang, that stood out in a row of smaller luxury cars - far more economical than the one, Wang possessed. The driver got out of his seat, hastily walked towards the back seat door and opened it.

The car door opened, and from behind dark tinted windows and a shiny door, stepped our Mr. Wang.

Robin had been Mr. Wang's driver for the past two years now. He is fifty-one years old, tall and lanky with a chiseled jaw and grey-blue eyes. His Irish brogue made everything sound like it would have a punch line. He had driven Hollywood executives, B-list actors and world-famous celebrities. And now, he drove one of the most powerful men on this planet, Mr. Wang.

"Robin, don't go far away. Park somewhere nearby. I won't stay for a long time," said Wang, as he gently kept his hand on the driver's right shoulder and then walked towards the restaurant's main door.

"Yes sir!" replied the driver as he headed towards the driving seat.

Wang entered the restaurant and was greeted by the receptionist.

"Welcome, Mr. Wang," greeted the receptionist with a warm smile. "This way.. sir," she continued and escorted Wang to his table.

Wang saw the girl, his aunt had chosen for him, already sitting at the table. He thanked the receptionist for having escorted him and proceeded to his seat.

From the opposite corner of the restaurant, Tina, a waitress that worked with Lina, was observing everything that was happening.

"I'm sorry for being late," Wang apologized to the blonde siting at the table.

"Oh! I, myself, came just a little time back," smiled the blonde as she admired Wang's perfect looks and his unbeatable dressing sense. No wonder, he's the fashion icon of the present world.

"So, how are you?" asked an extremely disinterested Wang. However, he made sure that his disinterest wasn't so obvious.

"I'm good. What about you?" asked an extremely interested blonde. And, she couldn't hide her interest in Wang as she smiled and blushed.

"I'm fine too.. Just been working here and there..on some issues. Nothing much." replied Wang as he noticed his date blushing uncontrollably.

The blonde couldn't stop herself from gazing at Wang's perfectly chiseled jaw, smoothly trimmed beard and his deep-like-ocean eyes. Her constant gaze made Wang a little uncomfortable, and that forced him to look down towards the table for a few seconds.

Wang wanted to get this conversation over.. as soon as possible. He restarted the conversation. "What is your profession, again? Aunt Ning, mentioned about you, but not your work. She doesn't care much about people's work," remarked Wang.

Not very far from Wang's table, Aunt Ning, who had been hiding her face behind the bouquet decorated on her table, was listening to everything that was being said by Wang and the blonde. The very mention of her name in the discussion made her ears stand. She moved her chair a little further so that she could listen to everything without missing a word.

The blonde soon realized that drooling over Wang's looks would not help. She wanted to impress the CEO. And her 'celebrity attitude' returned as she got back into in her senses.

"Oh! Work? You see.. I am a busy woman. And so, I don't work," she emphasized with a face full of attitude.

Wang couldn't help himself from laughing at her self contradicting statements. However, he made sure he did not overdo it.

"I can't work on anything ..because of my busy schedule," the blonde continued as she expressed the genuineness of her answer and the helplessness of her position by showing her sad-puppy-eyes.

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"Ok! You don't work because you are busy. And you are busy, without a work," giggled Wang as he assumed that his giggle would be enough to make the blonde realise the extent of stupidity of her answers.. But, he was wrong.

"Yes. That's what the case is!" replied the blonde with all her seriousness.

"I don't understand. What is keeping you so busy?" asked a visibly irritated Wang.

"Isn't it obvious? Look at me! I've been busy taking care of my looks. See! Don't take me wrong. It's not that I'm praising myself... But, just look at me," yelled the blonde expressing her shock. "I've an image to maintain. I've millions of followers on social networks," she gushed as she took out her mobile, to show Wang her Instagram and TikTok profiles.

Wang was extremely irritated now. "Aunt Ning told me about your fame!" said Wang as he rolled his eyes up with irritation and the hopelessness of the situation.

The girl had looked familiar to him as soon as he saw her for the first time. And after having seen her Instagram photos, he remembered where he had seen her earlier.

"I've to keep my followers updated with all my latest photos and videos. There's not a margin of error. Do you realize how difficult this is?" asked the blonde as she kept her mobile back in her clutch. "My fans invite me to parties..all their functions .. like private invitations. I get them a lot. I have a very hectic schedule. You tell me.. Do you expect a person to work, after having such a busy life?" asked the blonde.

"Oh! I totally understand. And now I know, why your face seemed so familiar to me. I saw some photos of you in the magazines. Photos of you with your boyfriend!" remarked Wang.

"Yeah! You know.. relationships don't always click.. in the present age.. Such are the times that we live in." The blonde tried to explain as Wang sat helplessly before her. "But, I think for us.. it will. We have so much in common," winked the blonde.

"What !!!" roared Wang in surprise.


Aunt Ning, who was listening to everything, was mighty impressed and pleased. Little did she know that Wang was going to give her the shock of her life.

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