12 Uncle Jack & Aunt Ning at Wang's office

CEO Wang, sat alone in his office, going through the new catalogs that had just been added to the software. He, being a visionary, had so many thoughts and ideas going in his mind - Miniature luxury cars that matched the theme of his latest fashion launches, holographic models giving a private fashion show in every single home around the globe, and much more. His thoughts were obstructed by someone knocking on the office's door.

Knock! Knock!

"Yes, Come in please," said Wang.

Wang's uncle, Jack, entered the office with a huge smile on his face, and his arms wide open, expressing his intense desire to hug Wang. He is always dressed up in a way so as to look younger than his age. He wore white pants with tight fitted blue t-shirt. Observing the uneven way in which his belly bulged out, one could easily figure out that he always wore a tummy tucker beneath his shirts and t-shirts.

"Wang! What's up?"asked an enthusiastic Jack.

"Hey uncle! I wasn't expecting you," replied Wang, putting aside his laptop and the files that were there in front of him on the working table.

Uncle Jack was followed by Aunt Ning. She wore a yellow colored, loosely fitted, one piece dress with a long black coat on top of it. She was very fond of long coats, because they made her look slim.

While Chubby cheeks and broad forehead might look and sound cute on pretty young girls, it's not quite desirable on grown up women! And Aunt Ning was no exception. Even after contouring her face with makeup, concealing her chubbiness was always a challenge for her. She had been trying different hairstyles to make her chubby face look thinner and longer. And now, she was there with a new hairstyle - a pixie cut.

Pixie cuts are fantastic and very stylish for those who want to have the right hairstyle for their fat face. A cropped pixie cut helps in setting off the fat face and makes the neck looks longer. But, not for a woman who seems to have no neck because of being so fatty.

Aunt Ning, smiled and waved her hand at Wang as she entered the office. She hastily walked towards Wang and gave him a tight hug.

Wang stood up from his boss's chair, hugged his aunt and shook his uncle's hand.

"I was going to the Golf Club. Ning wanted to see you so badly, so I decided to drop her on my way, plus, it's always so good to see you Wang," smiled Uncle Jack.

"Good to see you too, uncle," smiled Wang.

"Your uncle worries a lot for you, Wang," said Ning as she hugged Wang again. "He wanted to see you so desperately. Right, Jack?" asked Ning as she turned her eyes towards Jack.

Jack was busy admiring his dressing sense, and his tummy, flattened by tummy tucker, as he looked at a mirror, that was hung on a side wall besides the office's entrance.

"Ahmm! Right, JAAACK?" yelled Ning.

"Y..yes. Th...that's what I desired," stammered Jack as he pressed his belly fat with his hands that was bulging out unevenly because of the tummy tucker.

"Anyways! We are here to discuss a very important subject with you," shared Ning as she smiled at Wang again.

"Important subject? I'm listening," sighed Wang as he rolled his eyes upward, expressing his irritation and his disinterest in what was about to come.

Aunt Ning's expression changed suddenly. She could no longer hide her frustration. With her eyes wide open and her cheeks red with anger, she yelled, "Wang, you are going out with a girl for lunch today. That's it! This is an order from your aunt," declared Ning.

Wang knew that having a discussion on this topic would not help. His uncle and aunt had been trying this for long. They will not tolerate a 'no' from him now.

"Yes aunty, I'll go. Don't worry," Wang replied with a smile.

"Look Wang! This girl is perfect for you. She's gorgeous, cute, hot .. and very famous. She's highly qualified and has done her masters from Oxford. She can be the perfect life partner for you.. ," explained Ning as she turned her attention towards Jack. "You do agree with me, Jack.. right?" Ning asked Jack, who had been busy eyeing gorgeous models passing through the passage in front of the office's open door.

"Y.. yes! The girl is tall and beautiful. You'll like her too, Wang," reassured Jack.

"Ok! We'll see about that after I meet her," insisted Wang.

"Please Wang! Do not talk as if you already are disinterested for this meeting. Give the girl a fair chance," cautioned Ning. "I am like your mother. Do you wish to see me sad?" continued Ning, with a sad face, trying to emotionally blackmail Wang.

Wang sighed. He knew it was coming. The good old, tried and tested, technique of 'emotional blackmailing'. At the same time, he also knew it was all fake.

"Wang, your uncle and aunty wants to see you get married," continued Ning with a sad face.

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"Aunty, I love you, and you know it. After my parents' death, you have done so much for me," admired Wang as he lovingly holds his aunt's right hand.

"Wang, we have not done anything for you yet. You ask yourself, do you even allow us to interfere in any aspect of your life? You don't even bother to share your feelings and thoughts with us. We've always desired to love you, like our own son, but you never let us enter you heart," mumbled Ning with a sad face, as she gave a wicked side glance to her husband, Jack, who was busy again - checking out the female models. "And, you don't even talk to your grandfather," continued Ning.

"That's it! That's it! I don't want to talk about grandpa," cautioned Wang.

The very mention of his grandfather made Wang loose his patience. His eyes got red with anger. He took hold of the files and the laptop to restart his work and decided to ignore his uncle and aunt.

Ning looked at Jack and signaled him to say something.

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