13 The Marriage Target

Uncle Jack, Aunt Ning and Wang sat in silence, as Wang focused on his work, showing disinterest in what his uncle and aunt had to say next. The very mention of Mr. Zong, Wang's grandfather, had disturbed the discussion. Wang's irritation and anger was clearly visible on this face.

"There was no need to mention about grandpa," rebuked Wang, as his uncle and aunt listened in silence.

"Wang, your grandpa loves you a lot. He is worried for you. Why are you not talking to him?" asked Ning.

"Please aunty! Grandpa has got nothing to do with this discussion. Let us not bring him into this," bellowed Wang.

Uncle Jack lost his patience. Words of Mr. Zong echoed in his ears.


Mr. Zong's words ..

"If you find a girl for Wang and convince him to marry her, well and good. If you fail in this, I will sell it all. I will sell all the mansions, this house that you love so much, other houses in the city..everything. Did you get it? If I die, Wang will get everything under his possession. And you two will get nothing. You will be in a pathetic state"


Jack yelled, "why should we not mention about your grandpa? Ning! Mention about him again. I insist. Just mention about the old man again."

Ning knew that Jack's anger and frustration was not helping the situation. She signaled Jack to keep quite. She knew that Wang could only be 'emotionally blackmailed' to follow their wishes.

"Aunty! Please don't push it. We've talked about this many a times. You know I don't want to talk about grandpa. If you further wish to talk about him, I'd like to end this discussion immediately," insisted an irritated Wang as he refocused his attention towards his laptop signaling that he was no more interested in this discussion.

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"Relax Wang! We'll not talk about him anymore. I just want to talk about my wish. I wish to see you get married. Understand this.. Your loving uncle and aunt have set a target for you, and for ourselves - and that is.. to get you married within six months from now. And you have to promise us that you will help us achieve our target," shared Ning excitingly as she put her hand on Wang's right shoulder.

Jack smiled in relief. Finally, he and his wife were able to say what they were here for. He was feeling so proud for his wife for being so blunt.

"What?" chortled Wang as he raised his eyebrows and could not help but laugh in surprise at what he's just listened to. He wasn't expecting that. "No way! I can't promise you anything. I haven't even seen the girl. I am fine with a blind date, not a blind marriage," joked Wang. "I don't even know the girl," continued Wang.

As the situation lightened up a bit, Jack got the courage to participate in the discussion again. "This is not a blind marriage. Aren't you going to meet the girl today? And don't say that you don't get to see the girls. We find a new girl for you every week, but you reject them all. I am unable to understand you.. your benchmarks.. your high standards," scolded Jack as his attention was again diverted by the beautiful teenage models passing through the passage.

Ning noticed Jack again. "JACK!! What is happening to you? Can you stop looking outside the door?" yelled Ning, very well aware of what was distracting Jack.

"Come on, Let's go," replied Jack as he stands up from his seat, sets his hair, and presses his t-shirt with his hands to set the disproportionate bulged out fat of his tummy.

"Uncle, aunty, I'll escort you to the door," said the courteous Wang as he stood up from his boss's chair.

Jack decided to give his final say to Wang. "No need Wang! Just listen to me. You are going to meet this girl today, you are going to like her, we are going to talk to her family, and you are going to marry her within six months. That's it!" yelled Jack.

Wang laughed again at the suddenness of what was happening.

Ning couldn't be more pleased at what her husband had just said. "My Jack! Always so.. to the point. I like it," exclaimed Ning as she gives a flying kiss to her husband and a hug to Wang.

"I like to concentrate on the goal! Come on, let's go now," winked Jack and gives a look of determination to Wang, signaling that his mind wasn't going to change.

"I'll be waiting for your call, Wang. Don't disappoint your uncle and aunty this time," blurted Ning as she began to walk towards the office door.

"He won't," reassured Jack, giving the same looks of determination again.

As soon as Aunt Ning and Uncle Jack exited from the office, they stumbled across a gorgeous lady, standing behind the office door, and seemed to be secretly listening to the entire conversation that took place in Wang's office. She was none other than the leading most fashion designer of Wang Fashion House, Ms. Chunhua.

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