19 The Kiss

Wang held Lina tightly close to him, as both of them walked out of the exit door. Lina struggled her best to get out of his grip, but Wang didn't let her go.

"What the hell is happening?" yelled Lina as she pushed Wang away from her.

"Consider this a little help from your side," replied Wang as he continued to walk outside the restaurant, pulling Lina near to him again.

"Just let me go.. you maniac!!" shouted Lina as she was being forced to walk outside the restaurant.

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"I'll let you go. Just get me out of here," commanded Wang, as he glimpsed inside the restaurant to make sure that they were not being followed by anyone.

Aunt Ning stood shocked near her seat. She looked at the blonde, Barbara, hastily walking towards the main door. Barbara couldn't believe her eyes. She saw Wang, who walked towards the parking area, still holding Lina tightly near to him.

"Just let me go, you crazy man! What love.. What girlfriend are you talking about?" yelled Lina again as she pushed Wang.

"I'll let you go, in a minute," requested Wang again, as he pulled Lina towards him and continued walking towards his car, that was parked in the parking area of the restaurant.

Barbara came running outside the restaurant. She was being followed by Aunt Ning. Ning preferred to stay inside the restaurant's lobby and observe what was going to happen next, from the lobby's window itself.

"What is happening?" Barbara shouted at Wang and Lina standing near the parking area. She was still very far away from them and her words could not be heard.

"Listen.. you fool! We don't serve girls! You get that. We serve food.. just the food," yelled Lina, who now struggled with all her strength to get her hand removed from Wang's grip. "We don't have a service like that. You are mistaken," continued Lina as she pushed Wang once again, harder this time, and got her hand out of his grip successfully.

"Okay! Okay! Listen now.. I had to get rid of that girl. That's it! Nothing more. I am not here to buy girls.. or any of that crap!" Wang tried to explain Lina, as he pointed towards Barbara, who stood a little far away from both of them.

"Get rid of that girl?" asked Lina as she turned her attention towards Barbara. "Look at her! She's so unfortunate. You broke her heart! And how dare you use me in this stupid act of yours?" Yelled Lina as she angrily looked at Wang.

Barbara, who was still far away from Wang and Lina, ran towards them in her high heels, as she lifted her dress a little, to prevent a fall. And she looked angry.. very angry. "What a disgusting and a dirty man you are!" shouted Barbara, as she ran towards the them.

Wang had to think fast... Very fast.

"She's right! What a disgusting and a dirty man .." Lina said as her words were interrupted by Wang, who cupped her cheeks with his hands, held her steady, so that she might not fall down from shock of what was about to happen.. and gave her a tight kiss. Lina's breath hitched in her lungs.

Aunt Ning and Barbara yelled in shock at the sight of Wang kissing Lina. It was a passionate kiss, like that of lovers who meet after decades. It was, as if their entire emotional being was wrapped up in that one kiss. In short, a perfect 10 seconds .

"No! No! No! " shouted Barbara again and again, as she stamped her foot on the floor many a times.

Aunt Ning stood behind the lobby's window, with her hand on her mouth, shocked at what she just saw.

10 seconds of kiss, is all it took, for Barbara to leave the place. She went to her car in the parking area and drove away.

Lina pushed Wang back with force, stepped back a little, wiped her lips with her hand and then raised her right hand.

WHAACCCKK !!!! Came the sound as she slapped Wang with all her strength.

Wang was stunned!!

"What the hell is going on here?" Aunt Ning yelled at herself, while she preferred not to come out before Wang and stay in the lobby.

Wang rubbed his left cheek, where he was slapped, a little, to lessen the pain of that forceful hit. Wang and Lina stood there silently, for a few seconds, as they looked into each others' eyes. Lina was breathing heavily. Wang was still in shock, such was the force of her slap. Wang decided to leave the place.

Wang walked towards his car, as his driver opened the door for him. He got into his seat with red eyes. Lina looked continuously at him, while still cleaning her face and lips with her hand. And the car drove away from the scene. Lina stood still, near the parking area. Aunt Ning, stood shocked, inside the lobby, clueless of what had happened.

Wang, as he sat in the car, thought of everything that had happened. It was as if he was trying to memorize every detail, of how he acted and what he had done. But the rest— how Lina would feel, how she would think of him— he could only imagine.

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