126 The Flexible Girl

Lina walked out of the washroom, and headed towards an isolated spot in the building. She took out her mobile and called Tina. They had a five minutes talk on the phone, discussing about what needed to be done, at the party, so as to impress Wang. Tina shared that men were interested in women who were flexible. And, Lina listened carefully to everything that was being instructed. She decided that she needed to show Wang, her flexibility on the dance floor.

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Lina's phone call was interrupted by a group of girls coming out of the washroom. After 15-20 minutes, all of them had reached the party hall. Everyone was excited. Lina took a few vodka shots to calm herself down. The vodka effect made her really confident, and she was ready to impress Wang, with her flexibility.

Three girls - Lina and Chunhua and the receptionist stood together, as they saw the guys entering the party hall.

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