14 Ning & Chunhua's mind games

After having conveyed their wish to Wang, Aunt Ning and uncle Jack walked towards the lobby area.

"Jack! You wait there, while I return from the washroom," said Ning as she pointed towards the waiting area asking Jack to have a seat.

"Okay!"sighed Jack with his eyes rolled up in irritation, as he knew he had no other choice but to wait in the sitting area. The sight of a few gorgeous models sitting and waiting there improved his mood a bit.

Ning headed towards the washroom. As she opened the washroom's door, she saw Chunhua standing in front of mirror, applying a lipstick to her already perfect red lips.

Casual conversations of Aunt Ning and Ms. Chunhua, who were not really fond of each other, always ended up with ego clashes and psychological attacks, with one trying to dominate the other. And the reason for this ..? Just psychological power plays. Ning and Chunhua frequently landed themselves in a lot of 'psychological persecutions'.


Author's Note -

Sometimes people project their hatred onto others and persecute them. They are either unaware of their own hatred or they think it's justified. Once they begin projecting, they look for reasons to persecute. If the hated individuals disagree with them on politics, decline an invitation or smile the wrong way, the persecutor finds a way to punish them. They may talk trash about them behind their backs, get others to gang up against them, or speak to them in a condescending or insulting way. They judge them as bad or evil and treat them accordingly. They never discuss their feelings or try to work things out. This is the opposite of the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This could be stated, "Punish others for not being what you want them to be."


"Mrs. Ning, what a surprise! It's always so good to see you," greeted Chunhua in a sarcastic tone, as she passed a snarky little smile at Ning and refocused her attention towards her reflection in the washroom's mirror.

Ning ignored Chunhua's words for a few seconds, admired her pixie cut in the mirror, and turned her face towards Chunhua. "Do you feel the same when you see yourself in the mirror, darling?" jabbed Ning.

Chunhua'a sarcastic smile vanished for a few seconds. Aunt Ning could not be taken lightly. She would be the last person on this planet to digest a sarcasm without replying.

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"Ofcourse! It always feel so good to see myself," smiled Chunhua as she watched herself in the mirror, making a pout while admiring her lips. "Come on Mrs. Ning! I'll treat you with something. You look thin and pale. Some snacks will help," remarked Chunhua as she noticed the change in Ning's expression. She knew that Aunt Ning hated her uncontrollably growing fat and does her best to look thin through suitable dressing and makeup.

"Haha! Dear Chunhua, actually.. let me.. treat you with something. I am not a guest here. This is my nephew's company. Unlike the employees working here, I am not temporary. So..You see, you are the guest and I am the host!" declared Ning as she laughed at the stupidity of Chunhua.

"Haha! Time.. Mrs. Ning. It's all a matter of time," laughed Chunhua. "Situations can change over time," continued Chunhua.

"Only If I allow them to change, dear," declared the smiling Mrs. Ning in a confident tone. "Don't tire out the little brain in that beautiful head of yours," laughed Ning pointing towards Chunhua's head.

Chunhua turned her back towards Ning as she headed towards the washroom's exit door.

"Are you leaving already, Mrs. Ning?" asked Chunhua. Her tone signified that .. perhaps.. Ning had accepted her defeat and was running away from the situation.

"Actually, I would have loved to stay with you and talk more, but I need to visit the accounts department and check the salary figures of some employees. It seems they are too low, forcing employees to repeat their dresses again and again," laughed Ning as she pointed towards Ms. Chunhua's dress.

Chunhua got disturbed with that remark from Mrs. Ning. While she never repeated her outfits, it was the mind game that mattered the most at this moment. And she was no quitter either.

"Mrs. Ning, you can leave that to me. Why do you burden yourself with all this work? I am here to work on your behalf. After-all, I've always been considered as a part of your family," giggled Chunhua.

"I'm sorry, but, do our surnames sound same to you? They don't.. to me. So, how can you be a part of the family?" asked a visibly disturbed Ning, as she stared at Chunhua with her 'ready to stab' sharp eyes.

"You are right. Our surnames are different. But, for how long? Like I said, it's all a matter of time," laughed Chunhua as she savored the view of disturbed Ning.

Ning knew, very well, what Chunhua had in her mind. Chunhua dreamt of marrying Wang - the CEO, and presently one of the most powerful man on this planet. And if that happened, whatever Chunhua said, would come out to be true. She, herself, would become very powerful. Much more powerful than Ning. But, this was one.. far fetched idea and Ning decided to ignore it.

Ning laughed out loud as she turned her back towards Chunhua again. She headed towards the washroom's exit door, while singing a song ...

"I'm running round with these fake dreams

With these, with these fake dreams

Running around with these fake dreams

Too late for me, I'm bound..

With these, fake dreams"

Ning was gone. Chunhua stood in front of the washroom mirror watching herself - angry and determined at the same time.

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