6 Ms. Chunhua, Wang's Top Fashion Designer

At Wang Fashion House..

Ms. Chunhua is one of the finest fashion designers in the industry. She was once an employee of Wang Fashion House's biggest competitor, but is now working under Mr. Wang. She is a very shrewd, scheming businesswoman, always impeccably dressed, seduces, whether accidentally or on purpose, nearly every male working in the company. However, these romantic accidents do not sway her from her main target - personal success.

Ms. Chunhua's looks have made her a center of attraction and a topic of gossips in the company. She is in her late twenties, with long golden hair, a Mediterranean complexion, beautiful dark eyes and classic lips. The short story is Ms. Chunhua is strikingly beautiful. Here professional motto is plain and straightforward : "Flawless work always with a smile that can conquer all."

There is something about her looks that is enticing beyond her professionalism, perhaps the way her eyes angled slight downward and how her lips were slightly parted. And she knows it, and never misses a chance to use them while trying to seduce her boss - Mr. Wang.

Mr. Wang, the CEO, is a workaholic. He's least interested in any approach by any woman, and is hundred percent focused on his work. And Ms. Chunhua is no exception to this rule.

Mr. Wang is the perfect analyzer. While he knows the weaknesses of each and every employee, he is also fully aware of their strengths. And his brilliant logical mind compares the two.

And that comparison of 'negatives vs positives' has given Ms. Chunhua the post of senior most fashion designer in the company. Her designs were one of the finest in the industry. Her efforts had given a huge boost to the sales of the company. She has a wonderful business mind and Wang makes it a point to always include her in all important business meetings. He listens to all her business suggestions very carefully, while ignoring all her seductive gestures.

And this position has given Ms. Chunhua quite a lot - authority, handsome salary package, a magnificent office and an easy access to one of the most powerful businessmen of this world - Mr. Wang.


Ms. Chunhua's walks into Mr. Wang's magnificent office.

"Good Morning to the most charismatic businessman in all the world," she whispered in a low seducing yet forceful voice.

Mr. Wang finished typing and swiveled his leather chair around, away from his desk to face her.

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Miss Chunhua walked over, her stride and posture enhanced by the four inch stiletto heels she wore. She stood directly in front of him, hands on hips, feet slightly apart, made eye contact and smiled.

"Good Morning," said Mr. Wang without showing much interest. "You look happy," inquired Wang.

Smiling as always, Chunhua takes a seat in front of Mr. Wang. "Am I not always?" she asks smiling.

Wang gives no reply.

"Why didn't you come to the party last night? If you had come, You would have been happy as well. We could have enjoyed ourselves," teased Chunhua.

Once again, she received no reply from Wang. Wang was busy studying sale projections he had in front of him.

"You didn't come to the party. What did you prefer to do last night, Mr. Wang?" asked Chunhua.

"I preferred to work," said Mr. Wang with a straight face. 'Wasn't that obvious?' His expressions said. "My work wasn't finished, that's why I didn't come," Wang continues.

"Does your work ever finish? You are working 24/7. Working that much is not good for your health. Time flies by very fast. Life is very short. You need to enjoy a bit as well," emphasized Chunhua.

There was a two minute silence. Mr. Wang knows when an employee is trying to cross his/her boundary. He looked into Ms. Chunhua's eyes as if he knows all, he knows what Ms. Chunhua has in her mind. Mr Wang speaks, "Do you think you have the freedom to get into my personal space as an employee of mine?"

Ms. Chunhua gives the seductive smile again. Her tried and tested weapon in odd situations, that although have worked most of the times, but fail to work on Mr. Wang. "I'm sorry. You are right. But, do you see how frank have I gotten with you?" chuckled Ms. Chunhua.

Again, she received no reply from Mr. Wang.

Mr. Wang picked up his papers and his laptop, and started analyzing his company's projections again. Chunhua realizes that she's overdoing it and gives her approach a pause.

Next, both of them start discussing the company's sale data.

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